Hazel - The girl who saved the worlds...

The meeting…
“What? You‟ve got to be kidding me…how am I supposed to go home…Jessie?
Hello…Jessie…” dammit! She hung up…I so shouldn‟t have come…I knew it! I looked
around at the people drinking and dancing…swaying their sweaty bodies against
each other…some seemed to be too drunk to be having fun though.
I‟m a 3rd year at high school and to celebrate our first vacation of the year, one of
my classmates held a party and almost all of the 3rd years seemed to be present.
I‟m not popular and hardly have any friends…to be honest, you could say Jessie‟s
the only real friend I have…though she is a cheerleader and very popular. How do I
became friends with her of all people…its coz we are neighbors and have known
each other since middle school.
Honestly I really didn‟t want to come…I hate crowds, it makes me feel suffocated
and these kinds of parties…it‟s just not my thing. If it wasn‟t for Jessie‟s constant
blabbering and my mom taking her side at the last minute I wouldn‟t have come. We
came with two other classmates, Leslie and Rebecca but I lost sight of them a few
minutes after we came. Jessie was with me at the beginning but she also went off
somewhere when I went to get drinks. When I called her, she seemed to have gone
off somewhere with her boyfriend which also means I would have to walk home.
There‟s one more problem…the red dress I was wearing was a little too short,
almost knee-length and it shows my curves too well…of course this was also Jessie‟s
idea. It just doesn‟t seem to be a very good idea to walk alone at this time of the
night…it‟s almost midnight, to make it worse I was wearing high-heels which I
rarely wear.
I took a deep breath and started to walk towards home…it was really dark and it‟d
almost take an hour for me to reach home by feet. For a second I thought of
asking someone from the party to drop me home…there were some familiar faces
but then if I did do that they‟d probably make fun of me so I ignored the thought.
It had almost been fifteen minutes since I left the party and I was already tired.
My feet were killing me…
“Ouch…” Suddenly, I stumbled into something…a rock maybe which made me trip
and I almost fell but somehow managed to maintain my balance…spraining my ankle…
“Shit, shit…it hurts” I mumbled…cursing while trying to fight the tears. It really
hurt and I could hardly stand and walk was the least thing I could do…
“Need a hand…?” I heard someone say
What a voice, was the first thing that came to my mind. I looked up wondering who
it was and gasped in surprise.
Is he real?...he‟s so tall…more than 6 ft I bet, reddish-brown hair glowing under
the moonlight, deep black eyes and a small but nice smile playing on his handsome
face. He was wearing all black with a black over coat which made him seem kind of
dangerous. He was holding out his hand and probably waiting for my answer.
“…um…Ah…Yeah! I…sprained… my ankle…” I stammered, I was still looking at his
face…somehow he looked familiar but I was sure I hadn‟t met him before
“Here….” He said holding my arm with his right hand… he lead me toward a black
car which I assumed belonged to himself…he noticed me limping
“I can give you a ride…you still have a long way to go, don‟t you? Maybe I should
carry you” he said smiling
“No, this is fine…” I replied quickly
“…your ankle…you are not in pain…really?” he asked while raising his eyebrow
I didn‟t say anything and I think I saw him smirk, I‟m not really sure. I let him hold
my hand until we reached the car.
I was silent while he drove…I felt really awkward but couldn‟t think of anything to
say, thankfully he broke the silence…
“Don‟t you think we should at least introduce ourselves…I‟m Jayden and I just
moved to this town yesterday… and you are…rose, right? He asked me with a smile…
“Yeah…wait, how did you know my name…?” I asked him coz I was sure there was no
way he could know it…especially if he moved yesterday.
“I moved to the house right next to yours…I saw you coming out of your home
today evening and I heard your mother call your name.” he explained and it sounded
“Oh…” he was silent after that so I looked outside... mom must be worried, I
turned to ask him time but stopped when I saw him looking at me… again.
“Is there something on my face…?” I asked when he turned his face but I was sure
he was looking at me.
“Huh...no, why?” he replied quickly…too quickly actually.
From then on he didn‟t say anything until we reached home which was like almost 10
minutes after that.
He stopped the car in front of my house and helped me to get inside my home…
When we went inside mom was in the living room watching TV…she must have been
waiting for me. Her eyes opened wide when he saw Jayden and then looked at me
I told what happened and how Jayden helped me before she turns hysterical. She
gets really worried whenever I get hurt. Mom brought the first-aid kit and started
nursing my ankle, I winced when she touched the spot, now that I had settled down
in the comfort of my home the pain felt more intense. My whole body felt sore and
I was dead tired…
It turned out that mom had already met Jayden… she thanked him for helping me
and even invited him for lunch on my b‟day which was the day after tomorrow. We
always celebrate my b‟day alone…just me and her. I was an only child and since I
can remember who I am, it had always been just me and mom. I don‟t know who my
dad is and since mom never mentioned it herself, afraid it might hurt her, I never
asked her either.
It was really late, so he accepted the invitation and left wishing goodnight but I
noticed him nod at mom before leaving as if answering a question I wasn‟t supposed
to know. I ignored it as my imagination since I was really tired.
Mom helped me to get to my room and change; I was asleep as soon as my head
touched the pillow.
That night I dreamt of Jayden…in my dream, he seemed more beautiful than he
looked in real…
“It‟s time…but, don‟t worry…I‟ll protect you…I promise” he said looking at me
intensely and then slowly he touched my face with the back of his right hand…
“You‟ve grown into a beautiful girl…” he was smiling…I reached out to touch him as
if to catch the smile…
“Wake up Rose!”
…I opened my eyes to see mom hovering over me trying to wake me up, I was a
little annoyed with her for waking me from my dream. It was a pleasant but weird
dream… I wonder what he meant by “its time”…and he was talking to me as if we‟ve
met before… my head started to hurt when I started to think about it. He did
seem awfully familiar…I shrugged it for the time being, knowing that I‟ll be
thinking about it when I‟m alone.
I asked mom to give me a few minutes to get ready and told her to wait for me
downstairs for breakfast.
I realized I was still tired from last night when I lazily dragged my feet to the
bathroom. I looked at myself in the mirror and noticed that my pale white skin
seemed paler than usual and My hazel eyes looked a little tired as if I didn‟t sleep
well last night. Maybe, a nice hot shower will do the trick…I thought to myself.
I cleaned up myself, grabbed the clothes which were closest to me at the time…
blue tank top and a faded blue jeans. I brushed through my auburn hair which
almost reached my waist…”hmm, maybe I should cut it…or not” mumbling to myself
I put on eye-liner and lip gloss.
When I went downstairs she was at the breakfast table, waiting for me. I greeted
her and sat next her grabbing an apple.
“How‟s your ankle honey…does it still hurt?” she was looking at me as if I was
missing something.
It was only then I remembered that I had sprained my ankle, but I realized it
didn‟t hurt at all. Not that I get hurt often but recently I had realized that
whenever I got hurt it heals really soon. It might just be my imagination going wild
again and if it‟s like that she would have said something.
“I don‟t feel any pain…looks like it‟s already healed, anyway… we are going shopping,
right? I‟m going to Jessie‟s now…I‟ll be back soon and then we can go…” I replied as
if I didn‟t care…
She nodded and ate her breakfast…we talked about what to cook for lunch the
next day…on my b‟day.
“Mom…you seem to be really excited about tomorrow, it‟s as if it‟s your b‟day
instead of mine” I asked her with a laugh…
“Oh come on... it‟s your sweet 16, usually teenagers enjoy their b‟days unlike you...”
she replied with a frown
I gave a peck on her cheeks and left “I‟d be home by the time for shopping.”
When I went to Jessie‟s home, Mrs. Bennett, her mother said she stayed over at a
friend‟s last night and hadn‟t come back yet. I had nothing to do till noon, so I
decided to take a walk around the park close to home… I drifted into my
thoughts…more like I was thinking about the dream I had about Jayden and then I
saw him…
“Ah…the devil! There he is…he sure is something” I mumbled when I saw Jayden
sitting on a bench inside the park. There were a few people walking their dogs and
some kids playing around…he seemed to be lost in his own little word.
“Guess who?” I asked him, covering his eyes with my hand from behind…
“hmm…you smell like…Rose!” he said with a chuckle…
“You‟re good…do I really smell like rose?” I asked sitting next to him.
“You sure do…so, what are doing…are you stalking me?” he asked faking a horrified
I laughed…”you wish…!”
I told him what happened and how I saw him when walking around the park…
We sat there talking about random stuff…he asked a lot about me…like my favorite
color, food…hobbies. He seemed genuinely interested and I got the chance to ask
about him too. His favorite color was the same as me, red, and we both like horse
“I have to go…mom and I are going shopping…I promised I‟ll be back by noon” I said
when I noticed the time
He nodded and said he also had somewhere to go… I reminded him about the lunch
and ran towards home. I laughed to myself when I realized how I could hardly wait
for the next day. Maybe I‟m falling for him…
The rest of the day was uneventful… I had lunch at Mc Donald‟s with mom after we
finished shopping and it was twilight when went home.
We both were too tired to make dinner so we had some snacks and slept early that
The awakening…
I had the same dream I saw the previous night… but this time when I reached out
my hand to touch Jayden‟s face I felt hot inside my chest and then a blinding light
burst through my body…
I woke up with a start…my heart was beating so fast, it felt as if it would jump out
of my chest. I looked at my body and everything was normal except for a dull pain
in my chest…I felt relieved to see that there was no light. When I looked at the
time, It was still early…7:30 but I knew I won‟t be able to sleep anymore. I sighed
and went to the bathroom grabbing the jeans I wore yesterday and white T-shirt.
I went downstairs and knew that mom would already be up…when I didn‟t see her in
kitchen I went outside to the garden and saw her watering the flowers…
She was standing next to her favorite flowers…the red rose
“Morning mom…” I smiled when she looked up from the flowers…
“Morning b‟day girl…aren‟t you up a little early today…?” she asked with a huge
She hugged and wished me a happy b‟day when I walked to her.
“I had a weird dream and couldn‟t sleep after that…” I told her and realized the
dull pain in my chest was a little more intense than before, though…not enough for
me to freak out.
“What kind of dream… are you ok?” she asked when she noticed me touching the
left side of my chest. I noticed her looking at my hand and dropped it…
“I don‟t remember…breakfast, I‟m starving…” I tried changing the subject and she
bought it. I smiled at the thought that I could easily distract her.
“Jessie called last night, right after you went to bed…she said she won‟t be able to
come for lunch... not that you told me you invited her.” She said when we settled
down at the breakfast
“Hmm…yeah! When I went to her place yesterday, I told her mom to tell
Jessie…you invited Jayden so I thought one more wouldn‟t be a problem…” I
“Still, she said can‟t make it, huh! Feels like she‟s ignoring me on purpose or
something” I mumbled
“Don‟t be stupid…it‟s nothing like that. She must have had some other plans…its
9:30…Jayden will be here at 12:30… I better start making lunch.” She said looking
at the time
I helped her with lunch and we were able to finish by 12…I went upstairs to get
While I was applying the lip-gloss I heard the door bell rang…it must be Jayden
“I‟ll get it”…I heard mom shout from downstairs. I looked at myself once more in
the mirror and went downstairs. I was wearing long cream colored dress with red
lace I bought yesterday…maybe I‟m over-dressed, I thought of going back upstairs
but mom saw me…
“Honey, you look beautiful…come here…” she came and hugged me…I felt Jayden‟s
gaze and looked up to see him looking at me with awe. He was wearing a blue turtle
neck and black pants…he looked really charming!
I smiled…”hi Jayden…thanks for coming”
He wished me a happy b‟day and gave me a small gift…when I tried to open it he
stopped and said to open it later.
“Let‟s eat first…” mom agreed with him
Mom asked Jayden about him during lunch…about how long he‟d be staying in town
and all…
Suddenly the pain in my chest which I totally forgot till that moment intensified…I
choked and started coughing…
Mom stood up and started rubbing my back whispering soothing words in my ear…I
could barely make out what she was saying…
I looked at Jayden and saw his eyes were wide-open with surprise…
“Is it already the time…?” I heard him say to mom
“Looks like it…carry her to the sofa, hurry!” mom ordered him
Whatever was happening to me, it seemed as if it was something they knew would
Just as when he laid on the sofa I felt heat spreading all over my body…it wasn‟t
uncomfortable but then suddenly a light burst from my chest and it spread all over
my body as if cooling down the heat…and then I blacked out.
“Is she ok…it‟s been 15 minutes already” I heard mom‟s worried voice before I fully
gained my consciousness
“She‟s fine…” Jayden was trying to convince mom
“Mom…” I called her opening my eyes but closed when I felt it was too bright. I got
up with the help of mom and she asked me to sit until I felt better.
I opened my eyes and waited till it adjusted to the light… I saw Jayden and mom
looking at me as if expecting me to say something…I looked at my body and
everything seemed normal…no light, no pain in the chest…was it a dream, I
“What happened…” I asked them when they kept looking at me…honestly, it was
kind of creepy.
“You don‟t remember…? The light…how do you feel” both of them asked at the
same time…
“Light…so, it wasn‟t a dream…you two…how I feel? I feel fine” I answered frowning.
They looked at each other and sighed in relief.
“Honestly…what the hell‟s going on…would somebody tell me what this is all about?
You two seem as if you know each other before this…”I stopped and tried to calm
“Yes…we do, but before that…you should know who you are.” Mom said to me
completely unaffected by my outburst.
“Who I am…what are you talking about, I am Rose McGill…”I said obviously
“Wait…first listen to what I have to say and then you can ask questions…”mom said
stopping me
“Rose, your name is not Rose McGill; it‟s Hazel Andrew Choiseul de
Fantasia…Princess of fantasia… Your mother, her highness, Queen Amelia gave you
the name after your eyes. When you were 5 years old, a prophecy was made and
according to the prophecy, you, the only heir will die before you turn 16 but then,
the Fantasia will cease to exist…a curse will befall upon fantasia and you are the
only one who could save Fantasia. There was a way you could be saved and that‟s to
leave fantasia until then. Your father, his majesty, King Andrew who is also my
brother, gave your responsibility to me. When you turn 16, your powers will
awaken and you are to return to Fantasia… what I told you just now are only half of
the prophecy and the other half will be revealed to you after we go back to
Fantasia. What that curse is and how are to stop it, that‟s what the other half of
the prophecy is about…Today on your 16th b‟day, your powers awakened…the light
that you saw, that‟s your power. Almost everyone is fantasia have the
powers…power to manipulate natural elements but you are the only one with the
power to manipulate all four elements and the only one in fantasia with the healing
power. You have always used a bit of your healing power without your
knowledge…I‟m sure though you ignore it, you already noticed it.”
The room remained in silence…I didn‟t realize they were waiting for me to say
something…but then something hit me, wait…she is not my mom but my aunt. I don‟t
know what I was supposed to say or feel but I was beyond shocked to say or feel
“Why can‟t I remember anything about my real parents…it was when I was 5 right?
So I should have memories of them…” I asked her
“It was sealed before you left Fantasia but since your powers have awakened, it
will come to you gradually…”
My mom…no, my aunt sat next to me… she squeezed my hand…
“I know you are in shock and it was a lot to take in all of a sudden but we had to tell
you before we leave…”
When she said leave… it made me forget everything else for a while “leave…
When?” I squeaked…my voice was low and strained.
“Your parents expects you as soon as possible, you are already 16 and they have
spent 11 years without seeing their only child and also, you are a princess, there are
a lot of things you need to learn before the rest of the prophecy is revealed… We
are leaving to Fantasia tonight…” she answered my question sadly
“But…leave? How can I simply leave so soon?” I looked at her with tears in my eyes.
All of a sudden as if I was feeling all the emotions at the same time…anger at my
aunt for not telling me sooner, sadness coz I had to leave my friends and the life I
had lived for 11years…frustration because I knew there was nothing I could do to
change the things and again sadness…I knew aunt is not to be blamed. How can I
blame her when she had looked after me and loved me as her own daughter? Maybe
the reason she‟s not married and doesn‟t have a child of her own is also because of
I hugged my aunt tightly who I had thought as my mother for all these years…I
decided that no matter what she‟ll always be the mother I love. I sobbed
uncontrollably ruining aunt‟s top with my salty tears…when it felt like I had no more
“We‟ll need to leave before midnight…the gate to fantasia opens only for 5
minutes” Jayden said to mom reminding me of his presence
I looked at him questioningly…”are you from Fantasia too?”
“Yes princess…I‟m your body guard, we have met each other before…” he said with
a smile…no wonder I had felt that he was familiar and what‟s with the formal tone.
I frowned at him and didn‟t comment
They started making plans for tonight and I went to the kitchen to make tea
feeling a little left out…besides; I needed a few minutes for myself.
I was always fast in accepting everything that comes to me easily…I believe that
you can‟t run away from your destiny. But to think that my destiny is to save and
rule a country…a place I had no memory of…yet! I would need to say goodbye to
Jessie… and I have to make up a story, can‟t say the truth…even if I did I doubt
she‟d believe me. It‟s fortunate that this is vacation time; I can simply say that I‟m
moving abroad. I decided of a cover story for our move just like that, what I
wasn‟t trying to think about, came to my mind refusing to be left out…Jayden, he‟s
my body guard?…it made me feel dejected when he said that…I…I‟ve fallen for him.
I knew it. At that moment, flashes of Jayden and me, when we were little came to
my mind…laughing and having fun together…the scene was beautiful…
I sighed and returned to the living room carrying a tray of tea and home-made
chocolate chip cookies by aunt… I placed the tray and sat next to her after I took
a cup for myself. I felt their eyes on me expecting me to say something…
“Guys…I‟m fine, really. You two don‟t have to look at me like that and I have already
accepted everything.” I assured them
They seemed very surprised seeing me so calm and collected…honestly, what do
they expect? I felt a little annoyed but otherwise kept silent.
Jayden told me about how we were going to proceed ahead with our journey…
“Fantasia is in a different dimension…or in other words it‟s a different world. I‟ll
open the gate from the park just in case someone sees us… I can open it with my
powers when the clock strikes midnight and like I said before; the gate will be open
for only 5 minutes. So by midnight we should be ready to leave…” he said looking at
me and I nodded
I looked at the time and it was already 8 pm…time passes quickly when you least
expect to…
“If that‟s all can I go now? I want to say goodbye to Jessie…I won‟t be late…” I
asked aunt with a pleading look
“I‟ll go with her highness…” Jayden said to aunt…
“Don‟t tell her anything unnecessary” aunt said sighing…she looked tired.
I wanted to be away from him for a while but he had to tag along… when I went to
Jessie‟s home she was watching TV…I told her about moving and she was easily
convinced. Perhaps because she saw Jayden… she was totally drooling on him. I
introduced him as a cousin and said I had to leave making up an excuse of having to
“We still have more than 3 hours before midnight…would her highness like to take
a walk before going back?” he spoke for the first time since leaving my house
I was surprised when he said that but more annoyed when he talked me so
formally…” please don‟t talk to me…so formally…call me by my name…” I said
without looking at him
I changed the course and walked towards the park… I went and sat on the same
bench as yesterday…
“Who would have thought you‟d turn out to be my body guard…of all things…?” I
said when he sat next to me
“Princess…I mean, Hazel…Are you not happy with me being your body guard?” he
asked looking a little sad
“I…didn‟t mean it like that…um, never mind!” I was surprised when he used my real
name…it felt oddly nice to hear him say it. I could get used to it if he calls me that
“Actually it‟s hard for me too… I mean to use a formal tone while speaking to
you…we were childhood friends…I wanted to see you so much…I trained really hard
to be your body guard…it was the only way I could be with you…” his tone was
completely different from before… he looked up and our eyes met… but, he broke
the gaze in an instant…
“We should leave…Princess Hazel” he said with the formal tone
”I remember some things now…flashes…of us together… it was fun, huh! Even my
parents…my mother; she looks just like me isn‟t it? Except for my eyes… and
father…he looks gentle for a king, don‟t you think?” I looked at him hoping that
he‟d say something but he didn‟t.
I sighed…”It‟s not that I don‟t like you being my body guard and it made me happy
when you said you trained so hard just so that you could be with me, but you being
body guard also means that…I just wish that I knew before I fell for you…Jayden,
please can‟t you call me Hazel, at least when we are alone… you can do that much…”
I stood up and walked towards home but…
He grabbed me by my waist and pulled me into his embrace holding me tightly. I
was shocked and looked up to his face only to be held by gaze…I don‟t know how
long we kept staring at each other before he kissed me…I didn‟t try to stop him
because deep I wanted that as much as he did… his kiss was intense, asking me a
lot of questions I had no answer to… for a moment I lost myself in the kiss…
melted in his arms…nothing else mattered but his arms around me, his tongue
invading my mouth…
Ah…oh god! What are we doing? I tried to pull back but his hold was strong… he
groaned and broke the kiss…
He was still holding me in his arms but now he was looking at me…At that moment I
was sure that I had fallen him…I didn‟t know when…maybe I fell for him already
when I heard his voice for the first time before even looking at his face.
“We can‟t do this… this isn‟t right, you are the princess and I‟m…” he blabbered….
my heart ached when I looked at him…I could tell how much he was hurting from
his eyes…how much he wished things were different.
I took a deep breath and bit my lip before speaking…” Isn‟t it too late to deny…I
love you…I‟m so much in love with you…”
I was looking down when I spoke…I didn‟t fight the tears but instead I let it fall
freely. Am I to let go of my first love like these tears? I felt him release me…he
didn‟t say anything and I looked up… he wiped my tears
“I love you too Hazel, I really wish things were different…” I was sure I heard him
say it and I knew he meant it…
He held my hand and we went to home… aunt was waiting for dinner. I skipped
dinner saying I wasn‟t hungry and went upstairs to get ready. I wore a red top with
black leather pants…when I was about to leave I saw the gift Jayden gave me and I
opened it…it was a white-gold bracelet with Hazel on it. I wore it on my wrist and
went downstairs…
We left home at 11:45…Jayden was already there when we went… handed me a
black cape with the royal symbol on it and asked me to wear it…
He waited until it was exactly midnight…
“Come closer and place your hands on my shoulders…” he said to us and started
whispering something…then I felt air gathering around us…he lifted his right hand
and a blinding light came out of from a bracelet on his wrist and I closed my eyes…
“Princess…we are here…!” I opened my eyes and Jayden was in front of me…he was
smiling…but I didn‟t feel like we have moved at all…
“Welcome to fantasia…welcome home!” he said with a bow and stepped aside
I was completely shocked from what I saw…the scene was completely different…it
was bright, must be morning…I thought. Trees…mountains…lakes…a scene taken
right from a fairy tale…completely mesmerizing and then I gasped when I saw
three horses flying towards us…
The one with skin as white as snow landed in front of me and bowed…
“This is so not real…” I whispered…both aunt and Jayden laughed at my comment
“That‟s snow…and it‟s yours, princess!” Jayden said grinning
The black one named midnight was Jayden‟s and the brown one named also brown,
was aunt‟s.
We climbed onto our horses and flew to the castle… it wasn‟t much of a long ride
The horses flew right inside the castle and stopped in front of an isle of people
wearing uniforms who according to Jayden were royal guards… someone announced
saying that the princess has arrived and all of them bowed…
“Go on…we‟ll be right behind you, just smile” Jayden said to me when he noticed
how nervous I was
I rode slowly on my horse until we reached the entrance…
Jayden helped me to get off the horse… I saw three guards took the horses with
them while we went inside…
The castle was as much grand and exquisite from inside as it from
outside…whenever we pass someone he or she will bow which was honestly very
Jayden lead us to a grand hall and there I saw them…my parents, sitting around a
wide table full of different dishes…this must be the dining hall, I assumed
“Hazel…” my mother came up to me and hugged me tightly… she looked at me for a
while which made more nervous than I was…
“You look so beautiful…just like your mother…” father said joining us and crushing
me in a bear hug. They both seemed very young…
“…thank you!” I managed to say…
They both laughed at my tone and pulled me to the table asking aunt to follow us. I
didn‟t notice that Jayden had left until then…I felt sad not knowing when I will be
able to see him again.
“Are you hungry dear…?” father asked looking at me with a gentle smile…
“Umm…no,” I answered him
“You must eat something…here…” mother started filling a plate for me and asked
me to eat. I couldn‟t refuse a second time.
“We know you just came home…but, we are running out of time… starting from
tomorrow onward you‟ll learn how to use your power; there will be someone to help
you. Along with that you will also be doing your princess training…manners,
etiquette, etc…” father explained and he did look like a real king then…
“But, before that we are having a party tonight to celebrate your b‟day and your
return…and I have a lot talk to my daughter…let‟s get you to your room.” Mother
said gently pulling me with her…
Everyone laughed…
“Martha…you go and rest too…” I heard father say to aunt…
Mother took me to my room…a huge beautiful room with gold furniture, red
curtains… a walk-in closet almost to the size of the room…
We talked about a lot of things… about my friends back in the other world, school
and the things I enjoyed…my favorite food, books… it was like I was talking to
someone of the same age. Her sea-green eyes sparkled with excitement whenever
she asked me a question…she also asked about boys, but I told I never had a boy
friend…fortunately she didn‟t ask if there was anyone I‟ve feelings for; I don‟t
think I could have lied to her if she did.
It was at the party I saw Jayden since we parted that morning… after I was
introduced to everyone, mother and father hardly got a chance to be with me… so,
I decided to go and talk to him…but before I could reach him, music started and
everyone started dancing…someone I didn‟t recognize came up to me and started
asking me for a dance…I remembered mother telling me to politely accept in such
“Can I cut in…?” Jayden asked when I started dancing with him…I was so relieved,
not that I didn‟t know how to dance but I was very nervous to dance in front of
The man stepped aside and I was in Jayden‟s arms…
“Thanks…I was feeling faint…” I told him relieved…I saw mother and father
dancing in the middle; they looked perfect together…I smiled at them when they
looked at me.
“Not that you aren‟t always but you look beautiful…” I blushed and avoided looking
at his face
“I won‟t be able to see you for a very long time…don‟t hide your face…” I looked up
confused…what did he mean by not being able to see me
“His majesty asked me to take a break… good luck with your training…” He said
trying to smile
I felt too upset to say anything…why? Don‟t I get a say in this… I excused myself
and walked out of the dance floor, mother saw me and came up to me, I told her I
was tired and went up to my room; She didn‟t stop me…
The next day my training started…I never saw or heard anything from Jayden
after that. I hardly got a chance to think about him with the training during day
and night, I would be so tired that I go to bed right after dinner; using my powers
is a lot tiresome than I had imagined. Within two week I learned the full use of
power and gained total control of it…
“Your highness, his majesty is asking for you…” my maid, Maria told me when I was
reading a novel in the library…I looked outside and noticed that it was already past
She accompanied me to the hall and I saw my parents and the royal priest seated
at the table, waiting for me…they were having a discussion but stopped when they
saw me.
“Father, you called for me…”I asked, walking up to them…it had already been almost
a month since I returned to Fantasia and I was now, comfortable calling them
father and mother.
I sat next to mother…
“Yes… now that you have gained control of your powers, it‟s time for you to know
the rest of the prophecy…Alfred, tell her” he said to the priest.
“Yes, your majesty… I would like to explain from the beginning… “Two Childs have
been born whose fates are entwined with each other…one, the curse, whose
fearsome powers could end the world and the other with royal blood, the heir…the
child who will wield the power to eliminate the curse…for she dies…fantasia will
cease to exist…She lives, but in a different dimension until the powers awaken…”
That‟s the first part of the prophecy… The curse mentioned in the prophecy is
about the devil‟s child…he was born in fantasia, on the same day as the princess,
October 21st…that was the only clue to find out who he is but when the records
were searched there was no one born on that date. …In the rest of the prophecy,
it was mentioned that… “She, who wields the ultimate power, will have to make a
difficult choice…for the one she yearns for is the one with the curse…” this the
only remaining way to find out who he is…you, princess, is the only one who knows
the identity of the devil‟s child.”
“Hazel…breath dear, you look pale” I didn‟t know I was holding my breath until my
mother reminded me.
I took a deep breath…The one whom I yearn for…but, there‟s only one and it‟s not
“Hazel… do you know who it is?” father asked…I looked at him, I was scared and I
knew it was clear on my face.
“I‟m not sure…I feel faint, I‟m going to my room” I said standing up not waiting for
a reply.
There is no way that it could be Jayden…he‟s completely normal and I never knew
he had fearsome powers… I was pacing in my room. I was starting to have a
headache so I decided to lie down…I informed Maria about skipping dinner and that
I would sleeping early.
The truth…
I fell asleep sooner than I thought…with all the things that were going on I didn‟t
think I would be able to sleep at all…
“Hazel…” I heard a voice calling me and realized I was dreaming…the voice was
gentle but I had never heard of it.
“Hazel…” the voice called again and I noticed that it was coming from a light…I
walked towards it and saw an old man… he somewhat looked like my father and he
was wearing the same „king‟s‟ crown my father does.
“Father…” I asked surprised…
“I‟m your great, great, great-grand father, the founder of Fantasia…Come, sit!” he
pointed to a chair which wasn‟t there before…
I did as I was told…he looked at me with a smile and spoke again…
“I will tell you a story of Fantasia, a part of our history which has gone lost during
the past few decades…it might help you in making a decision. Did you know that
Fantasia used to be a part of the human world…I‟m sure you didn‟t, not even your
father knows that; I ordered to confiscate all the information regarding that.
Before, the humans and Naturals, us, lived together but there were many disputes
because of our powers. The humans hated us except a very few…and it finally lead
to a war…a war that resulted in separating the two worlds…but It was my power
that resulted it…the power to manipulate time and space…you, have that power too.
I hoped that Naturals will get to live in peace but our species is almost extinct. I
had forgotten that if it wasn‟t for humans we wouldn‟t even exist; we evolved from
them. The curse mentioned in the prophecy was born from the void between the
worlds when it separated. The boy, Jayden, he‟s not even aware of his powers, it
could have been anyone…it will all end before you even realize what‟s happening.
Not only Fantasia but the human world will also perish if he gains the controls of
his full power. Before, he completely transforms into the devil, you must make a
decision. Hazel…you hold the power; you can correct the mistake I did many
centuries ago.” He started to fade before my eyes…
“The worlds must be joined…we need the humans and they need us…” that was the
last thing I heard when he completely faded. I woke up with a start…it felt so real,
as if he really was there…
I checked the time and realized it has just been a few minutes … I have to talk to
I went downstairs, straight to the main hall…
“Hazel dear…are you feeling better now?” mother asked when she saw me
“Yes Mother…Father, I know who it is and I also know what to do…”
“Who is it?” father asked looking relieved
“Jayden…”I told him…
My parents looked at each other for a while... I heard mother sigh when father
started to speak
“It‟s possible…he is an orphan who have no memory of his parents or where he
came from. A servant working on the palace found him when he was 3 in the
outskirts of the town. Like Hazel, he also has a power that only he possesses,
summoning…but, he never uses that power. Moreover, he manipulates the fire
element and he‟s the only one who can use its full power other than Hazel...” father
was looking at me when he spoke…
“Of course, we‟ve been so obsessed with the prophecy that we never thought to
test out on our own. We thought the date when he was born and the last detail of
the prophecy was the only clue to his identity but it‟s obvious that he will hold
unique powers.” The priest spoke relieved…
“Your majesty…the village is in chaos…”a guard came rushing in…
“What happened…” everyone was shocked by his outburst…the guard was trembling
with fear when he spoke
“Devil‟s pit… in the sky, people are being sucked into it, not only people but
everything around the village…the hole is getting bigger… people are saying
someone summoned it…none of our powers are working…”
“I‟ll go…prepare the horse” I told the guard and turned to my parents.
“Even though it‟s been just a month since I came here, I love this place and I think
of it as my home… I don‟t want to save this place because it‟s my fate but because
I want to…I promise I‟ll do everything I can…I love you both very much and tell
aunt that I love her too…” I hugged both of them; they were looking at me
astonished…but didn‟t say anything. This is a day they knew would come but at what
cost no one but I know.
I climbed my horse, snow…even though I have my own ways of flying; manipulating
the air around me, it was faster by the horse. I didn‟t know I wasn‟t alone until
jack; my power trainer spoke from behind me.
“Princess, please do not use that power…even without it you can defeat the devil.”
“Why are you here Jack…? Go back, you have to guard the castle, you are the
commander…” I said ignoring his plea
He knew I was right and left without saying anything else…the power jack was
talking about; the power to manipulate time and space which only he and I know of.
I found out about that power while training. I made him swear not to tell anyone
and I never thought of actually using it but now I know that power is the only thing
that‟ll save us.
I was able to see the dark hole as soon as I flew high enough…it was right where
the village was so I flew there…but, before I could reach the village I felt the
pressure from the void. I manipulated the air around me and managed to land on
the village safely. I let the horse fly back to the castle…
I searched for Jayden…he was standing there looking up with a devilish grin on his
“Jayden…can you hear me…I know you are still in there, Jayden!” I called him,
hoping that my voice would reach him.
“I want to tell you that I love you…and I know, no matter what happens...and how
much time it takes, I will find you and then I will make you fall in love with me.”
I closed my eyes and started chanting the words… “With the powers bestowed
upon me by the gods…I command thee, let the two worlds become one…Oh, the lord
of time and space…lead the void into nothingness and turn the clock to when the
worlds were one…”
Four years later…
“Mom, I‟m going out with Jayden…I‟ll be back soon” I said to my mother while
grabbing my coat on my way out.”
“Wait… Come here for a second” she shouted from the kitchen
“What is it mom…I‟m getting late. He‟s waiting right outside.” I complained
“Heat this up for me, please!” she said holding out two coffee cups.
“Mom…” I rolled my eyes
“Oh come on, if I can, I wouldn‟t ask you. But I can only manipulate air and water”
mom pleaded and I smiled
I produced fire from my hand and heated it
“Pretty convenient for having powers… Mrs. Choiseul?” I heard Mr. Bennett say and
mom laughed.
“I‟m leaving now…bye” I gave her a peck on the cheeks and left before she asked
me to do anything else with my powers.
“Haze, you‟re late…mmm, you smell good” Jayden said pulling me into him arms
“Don‟t blame me…it‟s because of mom I‟m late and the smell too” I said laughing
“Come on…Don‟t be so hard on her, she‟s managing the café on her own.” He said
pointing at the café my family owns…
“Hey you, love birds… There‟s only two months until your wedding. At least have
patience until then, I don‟t understand why you are delaying though.” I heard
Jessie‟s voice and turned around to see her smiling with her boy friend, Jack‟s
arms around her.
“Speak for yourself… who was the one making out with her boyfriend in public last
night?” she blushed at my comment and jack laughed.
“And we are delaying coz aunt Martha is due this month and Uncle Alfred doesn‟t
want her to take any risks”
“What happened to your arm?” I asked when I saw a bruise on her arm
“Oh…I bumped into the wall when my little brother pushed me this morning” she
“Here, let me fix it…”I said grabbing her hand and healing it with my powers
“Thanks…” she mumbled
“Any time…by the way, we are going for a movie, wanna come?” I asked them
climbing into Jayden‟s car
“Sure…Which movie is it…?” Jessie asked getting in the car along with Jack
“Fantasia” I said smiling to myself
“Oh, isn‟t that the movie about how the princess saved the worlds…I saw about it in
the news”
I blushed at Jessie‟s comment and I saw jack wink at me from the rearview
mirror…I looked at Jayden and he smirked
I did save the worlds…and now, we are able to live as one. Though there were
disputes at the beginning, we managed to stand up for ourselves and solved it
without either side having to make any sacrifices. Our powers are useful to humans
and we need them to preserve our species; we have finally learned to co-exist and I
get to have my happy ending with Jayden.
I shifted from my seat and whispered in his ear…“I love you…Forever!” he smiled
and I blushed
“And I love you more…!” he said loud enough that Jessie and Jack heard making
them laugh…
The end…
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