WORKSHEET- Organisms & Organ systems

2. State whether the following statements are True/False
1. Underline the correct answer and fill the grid
a) Unicellular organisms show all the characteristic of life (
1. Amoeba, paramecium and bacteria are examples of:
a) Multicellular organisms
b) Unicellular organisms
c) Many-celled organisms
d) Disease – causing organisms
b) Organs that work together to perform separate functions are called
organ systems (
c) Each organ systems perform a specific function (
d) Unicellular and Multicellular are two main types of organisms (
2. The characteristics of life include:
a) Feeding, Reproduction & expelling wastes
e) Feeding, reproduction and expelling wastes are life processes carried
out by only multicellular organisms (
b) Feeding, drinking & expelling wastes
c) Reproduction, respiration & Sleeping
d) Sleeping, eating & Reproduction
3. Complete the table
Organ System
Organs in the
organ system
a) Nerves, Nose, Trcahea
c) Veins, Arteries, Bones
d) Nerves, Brain, Spinal chord
Brain, Spinal
cord, nerves
4) Organ systems can be defined as:
a) Group of cells working together
b) Group of tissues working together
c) Group of organ systems working together
d) Group of organs working together
Function of the organ system
# Protects the delicate organs
inside the body
# Supports the body
3) These organs make up the nervous system
b) Nerves, Neurones, Veins
3. Answer the following questions
a) Draw and label a basic structure of a cell
b) Draw a unicellular organism and state three observable behaviors found in
unicellular organisms