FOA Proposal Form

English A: Language and Literature
Further Oral Activity
Proposal Form
Profile of the Activity :
Type (of text)
Link (to the course)
Title ( of text)
Topic (of the course)
Text (of the course)
Please complete the proposal form below and hand it in to your teacher for approval.
Which learning outcome (s) do you plan
to meet? And how will your activity
attempt to do it? (in other words,
demonstrate your understanding and
What are the key characteristics of your
chosen activity (text) type that you intend
to emulate? Briefly, how will you take
them into account while creating your text?
Comment on a few basic issues of language
in relation to your chosen activity. How
will you address those in your text.
You might consider, e.g.: whose point of
view will the piece present and why?
who is your intended audience?
what is the intended purpose
what is the context of your text?
(e.g. social, cultural and/or historical
setting of your text).
What understandings about the course
text(s) and the topic do you want to
communicate in your piece?
Not Approved:
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