REF Case Study Paper

Case Study Paper
“Different Not Less”
Description of the stated disability. You may use either the special education
eligibility criteria and/or DSM V criteria
-Medical Diagnostic Criteria:
-DSM-5 Criteria:
-Medical vs. Educational Diagnosis:
-Special Ed Checklist (Autism):
-IDEA definition (Autism): and
-Child’s Rights:
School-based accommodations and counseling interventions for the student
based upon the disability. Instead, focus on the accommodations you may
provide via a 504 plan as well as counseling interventions.
-Research-Based Ed Practices for ASD*:
-Social Skills Interventions*:
-eBook- Education children with Autism:
-Special Ed Services recv’d by ASD*:
Communication-related services
Communication services
Speech/language therapy
Behavioral health and life skill services
Adaptive physical education
Behavior management program
Mental health services
Occupational therapy
Learning supports
Learning strategies/study skills
Tutoring by a special education teacher
Technology aids
Assistive technology services
Specialized computer software or hardware
School Counselor’s Role- ASD:
Helping Students With Autism (Counselors):
Counselor Discusses working with ASD:
Educators’ Assessment Accommodation Preferences for Students with
Evidence-Based Practices in Interventions for Children and Youth with Autism
Spectrum Disorders*:
Autism Spectrum Disorders: Early Detection, Intervention, Education, and
Psychopharmacological Management*:
Examining the Quality of IEP’s for ASD*:
Section 504 Accomodation Plan*:
School Community ToolKit:
What Counselors Need to KNOW:
School Support for Students ASD:
Accommodations and Supports for School-Aged ASD Children:
Higher Functioning (Asperger’s Syndrome):
Reasonable Accommodations for ASD:
Encouraging positive behavior with social stories:
Chapter 7:
Autism Visual Strategies:
Sensory Room:
20 Classroom Modifications:
21 School Accommodations ASD:
Sample 504 ASD: