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Mr. Cleggett – USI History
Political Cartoon: The Election of 1800
Directions: Using your class notes, worksheets, and Chapter 2.3 (The Election of 1800), create a political
cartoon supporting either Jefferson or the Jeffersonian-Republican party OR the Federalist Party in
support of John Adams. Within your cartoon, you must include the following:
 Imagery and Symbolism to display your party, candidate, as well as what they stand for
 Imagery and Symbolism to display what their political platform is:
o Define Political
 AT LEAST 4 lines of text (can be short, long, a conversation, etc.) that creatively detail the
political cartoons message, and/or APPROPRIATE slander against your opponents political
 Color/Creativity overall…lined paper, and complete black and white/rushed/no-effort cartoons
will not be accepted.
 A Title to reflect your cartoon and the image/symbolism/message you are trying to recreate.
You will be graded on:
Effort/Creativity (20 pts)
Symbols, imagery that properly display the message/platform of your candidate (35 pts)
4 lines of text/writing to display understanding of your candidate and party’s platform (35
Title reflecting the cartoon/imagery and symbolism of the candidate and party (10 pts)
DUE ON: December 3, 2015 (you will begin in class today, and finish for homework)
-You may use your chromebook for inspiration on the internet, but be creative! Do NOT plagiarize an
idea already on line or from that given time period!!
Have fun!
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