Year 10 Teaching Each Other Task

Year 10
This lesson and next lesson we will be working on the computers.
Mary, Ella and Phoebe – Job roles / Musician / Composer / Song Writer / Trade Bodies / Unions
Molly, Kaitlyn, Cameron – Record Producer / Conductor / Live Sound Technician /Roadie / Agencies
/ Hire and Transport companies
Dan, Max, Alice – Instrument Technician / Artistic Manager / Venue Manager / Promotion
Companies / Self-Publishing
Sophie, Ellie A, Ellie L – Studio Manager / Promoter / Marketer / A&R Manager / Sound Engineer
Wiktoria, Sam, Tarlyanna – Session Musician / Mastering Engineer / Manufacturer / Major Labels
Caitlyn, Porcalin, Honor – Music Journalist / Blogger / Broadcaster / Sub Lables
Tom, Nathan – Software Programmer / App Developer / DJ / Retailer and distributer / Independent
Your Task:
You will be researching and teaching the class an area of the music industry.
You will have 30 minutes to deliver the lesson in which you all must have an equal amount to do.
Make the lesson as interesting as possible. Think of tasks you can do to make the delivery as fun as
Make it: Fun, Interesting, Colourful (be careful with your colours ensuring they don’t clash)
Informative and Factual
Lesson introduction
Main PowerPoint / delivery
Fun activity
Lesson conclusion
You will have 2 lessons to plan and prepare the session which will take place in the 2 weeks after
half term.
Next week will be practical so bring in everything you need to be able to rehearse.