Are Women better leaders than
men ?
the proportion of women in executive positions in
the corporate and political world, women are
definitely better leaders than men
New research shows that on average women do
better than men in leadership quality tests in the
CBNC-barack obama
factors of measurements
Other research
 Assession of personality and characteristics of 3000 managers by the Norwegian
business school.
 Men were better At dealing with work related stress and were more emotionally
 The.Zenger Folkma company had a survey for thousands of employees to judge
and rate their leader’s effectiveness. Not only natural women qualities.
 Did you know that most of Leadership roles are held by men even though
women scored higher.
 There is more or less an equal number of men and women in middle
 Men are more likely to be promoted on potential meanwhile women are more
likely to be promoted on performance.( so they have to work harder to get the
top positions. Hence the ones that do are exceptional and score higher than
 Main reason: women are better because recently, to identify good leadership
skills, more emphasis has been put on “soft skills” which women are
undoubtedly good at.
Soft skills that make women better
leaders of today
#.Women are better managers
Women use their resources effeciently and manage their time effectively even
in our daily lives.
 Women: to-do-list
 Men: cross the bridge when we get there
Women also consider those they work with andhave the zeal to get along with
Them to create a more productive workplace(not always true)
Motivate others
 A quality that many dont possess
 Women are natural detectives
 They know what motivates you or triggers fear in you so is easier to come up with
plans to encourage and motivate you.
 Most importantly: women can deal with emotions whereas men have a phobia of
dealing with emotions especially other people’s feelings. This makesit easier for
women to charge, energize and encourage employees who don’t have the zeal
to work.
Good collaboraters
 From their natural skills of bringing people together at home and making
everyone happy, they can easily encourage teamwork.
 Whereas men use their alpha-male characteristics to direct and lead.This is
good in a way but a disadvantage because the employees cant find a
solution that works for everyone if there is no teamwork.
Possess better communication