Tissue Matching Worksheet

Tissue Matching Worksheet
1. Match each general tissue category to the appropriate feature.
connective tissue
nervous tissue
1) ____ lines cavities, tubes, covers body
2) ____ conducts electrical impulses
3) ____ has contractile properties
4) ____ binds and connects body parts
5) ____ one side of this sheet of cells is embedded in a basement membrane of extracellular
6) ____ Many glands such as sweat glands and salivary glands are composed of this tissue.
7) ____ protein junctions from cell to cell create a continuous sheet
8) ____ Matrix is usually abundant in this general tissue type.
2. Match each characteristic to the appropriate connective tissue.
dense fibrous connective tissue
loose fibrous connective tissue
1) ____ matrix of collagen with calcium and phosphate mineral deposits
2) ____ matrix called plasma
3) ____ matrix contains collagen with a ground substance of chondroitin and glucosamine which
absorbs much water
4) ____ cells trapped in cavities called lacunae around a solid matrix (2 answers)
5) ____ tissue of the nose, ear, intervertebral discs, ends of long bones.
6) ____ ligaments and tendons are made of this type of connective tissue
7) ____ energy storage tissue that also serves to insulate and protect; contains little matrix
8) ____ type of connective tissue that binds skin to underlying muscle
9) ____ matrix composed of collagen and elastin fibers (2 answers)
10) ____ collagen and elastin fibers are densely packed, orderly stacked
11) ____ cells that make and secrete the matrix are called chondrocytes
12) ____ cells that make and secrete the matrix are called osteocytes
13) ____ cells that make and secrete the matrix are called fibroblasts (2 answers)
14) ____ cells in this tissue are called adipocytes
15) ____ only type of connective tissue whose matrix is NOT made by the cells
3. Match each characteristic to the appropriate muscle tissue or tissues.
A. Skeletal muscle
B. Smooth muscle
C. Cardiac muscle
1) ____ cells are long, cylindrical in shape with many nuclei
2) ____ cells appear striated (striped) in appearance under the microscope (more than one
3) ____ small spindle-shaped cells with no striated appearance
4) ____ cell shape appears branching
5) ____ only muscle tissue mostly under our voluntary control
6) ____ heart muscle
7) ____ lines many internal organs
8) ____ contains actin and myosin contractile proteins (more than one answer)
4. Skin Matching
A. epidermis
B. subcutaneous layer (also known as hypodermis)
C. dermis
1) ____ layer that contains keratin
2) ____ not really a layer of skin
3) ____ layer that contains hair follicles, sebaceous glands, sweat glands, nerve endings, blood
capillaries, etc.
4) ____ composed of dense fibrous connective tissue
5) ____ composed of stratified squamous epithelium
6) ____ composed of loose connective tissue and fat deposits
7) ____ binds skin to underlying muscle
8) ____ layer that contains melanocytes
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