Furniture is the soul of a house; it gives a sense of fulfilling of needs. Types of furniture are of
many designs and categories. It can be as small as a mouse to as gigantic as an elephant. The
proper fitting at the right place is also a matter of concern while choosing the furniture. It should
be taken care that size of the room and the size of furniture align with each other. Sometimes
furniture is available prepared one can go and buy and order. On the other hand, sometimes we
want some furniture which we want to customize according to a choice. In this case, the user can
give his customized item’s description, dimensions and other feature he wants in this. Further, he
will be provided dates of completion of the order.
Now admin analyzes the order and takes the according to that assigned amount of wood to it and
no. He will decide the tools that need to be used in this system and provided to the staff. Of staffs
to that order and description is forwarded to them such that they can start with the preparation of
the furniture. As the order completes it is given to the user, and he can take that to his home.
Computer systems analysts solve computer problems and apply computer technology to meet the
individual needs of an organization. They help an organization to realize the maximum benefit
from its investment in equipment, personnel, and business processes. Systems analysts may plan
and develop new computer systems or devise ways to apply existing systems’ resources to
additional operations.
Today’s world is computer world because most of work is doing with the help of computer.
Dependency on computer is behind the few reasons. We cannot easily manage to store large
Number of data or information single handily. If we will be need some information or data in
urgency then we cannot manage in manually these works are very difficult if we cannot use
The main objective is to automate non computer environment to save manpower.
It will speed the processing of data and transaction.
It will provide all the error reporting and handling features, so that the user is warned and
made aware of any foreseen errors. Thus it will reduce the error rate.
It will provide various ways through which we generate various types of report.
 It will provide best security features such as provisions of passwords.
As changes are always necessary in future it applies to software development also but these
changes should be appreciable in nature. These appreciable changes will make the software to
fight for its survival in the competitive market. Hence it is necessary to think about the future
enhancements at present. The system ‘Furniture Production Management System” will fulfill the
entire requirement of the clients. The system is developed according to the present requirements
of the company. The system is developed as easy as possible for the sake of end users. One
drawback of my system is that the client cannot view search and purchase music according to a
particular language option. By the next time I would like to add this facility. By the next time I
would like to add two more modules.
Purchase Module and Accounting Module. Purchase Module deals with purchasing activities of
furniture related items. Accounting Module deals with all accounting activities such as billing,
ledger preparation, balance sheet preparation, profit and loss account preparation etc. In the
present system transaction is through a particular bank or through money orders. In future I
would like to make it through credit cards. Credit card validation techniques are needed for that.
The developed software for the organization is flexible and it can be made to run on all kinds of
platforms. The system is error free and highly portable. It can be implemented in any servers in
the Internet providing an easy access to the clients. It also has more options of the future
The Furniture Production contains different types of Furniture of various subjects with various
qualities according to the customer’s needs and requirement. The main thing of the Furniture
Production is to maintain lot of records for the daily transaction of the business. It is necessary
for every business to maintain all records, which show the profit and loss of the business. In
today’s life people have very little time and many things to do. They have to manage all this
unbalance workload, although everyone wants to achieve all their ambitions and dreams. And the
present system of managing Furniture is very time consuming so it is very difficult to maintain
good records and fast service.
The paper work is becoming very difficult to handle day by day. Currently we have to keep track
of each and every thing about the Furniture Production on the paper or in register. We have to
maintain lot of registers to enter these large volumes of data. This leads to the wastage of
stationary. Some disadvantages are:
Manual system involves a lot of paper work, so it becomes time-consuming and costly.
The chances of errors in calculation of delivery of courier are more in the current manual
system. The calculation of total collection for day or month or year is very difficult.
Currently no security is provided to the large amount of data of the every service details.
It becomes very difficult to maintain details of every service as records increases day by
The There are many disadvantages and drawbacks in manual system. We can solve this problem
by using the computer based system. Our proposed system is computer based which can be very
effective. Many advantages are there in this type of gas agency system. The main advantages of
this proposed system are:
1. Security: The software used for this gas agency system include the password, so the security
is provided. When anyone opens the software it has the provision for entering password. We
have to enter the correct password; otherwise we cannot enter into the system. Password is saved
in system registry for more security.
2. User Friendly: This package is very user friendly because it is easy to maintain and operate.
All data entry operations are simple, administrator wants only enter data and all other operations
are performed by the computer.
3. Speed and Accuracy: Computerization process increases the speed of all the operations. The
manpower is reduced. Instead of doing all operation manually, computer will do it automatically.
It also increases the accuracy of all the operations performed.
Processor Pentium IV Processor
Processor Speed 850 MHz
Hard Disk 80GB
Main Memory 1 GB SD RAM
Development Tool Microsoft Visual Studio
Database (Back End) MS-ACCESS
Operating System Windows (Above XP 2000)
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