calendar lesson

Calendar Creation
Lesson Plan
Help your students see how much happens in a year with this lesson that has them place all of
the holidays on a calendar.
Learning Objectives
Students will be able to identify when holidays occur and place them on their calendars.
Materials and Preparation
Students Calendar worksheet
Create Calendar worksheets
Crayons or coloured pencils
Introduction (5 minutes)
Ask students to start thinking about holidays they celebrate.
Express that not everyone celebrates the same holidays because of different cultures and
Explicit Instruction/Teacher Modeling (5 minutes)
Have a list of the months on the white board with spaces in between the months.
Have students tell you the holidays they celebrate and the month the holiday is in. Write the
holiday on the board appropriately.
Guided Practice/Interactive Modeling (10 minutes)
Pass out the Student's Calendar worksheet.
Explain that this worksheet has Student's monthly events on it.
Complete the worksheet together as a class, going over each question one at a time.
Independent Working Time (20 minutes)
Show students the Create a Calendar worksheets.
Have students partner up and start filling in the holidays on the board.
Students may need help figuring out the days of the month certain holidays fall on.
Enrichment: Have students think of family members' birthdays or other life events to add to
their calendars.
Support: Creating calendars for a whole year may be overwhelming to some, so have
these students focus on one or two specific months that are meaningful to them.
Assessment (10 minutes)
Students will be assessed by the completion of the Student's Calendar worksheets and the Create
a Calendar worksheets.
Review and Closing (10 minutes)
Students may share their calendars or part of their calendar with the rest of the class.