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The Shade of Modern Technologies
The usage of modern technologies is very prominent in the society especially to the adolescents. It
has showed us its good sides and gave us more reasons to utilize by shading the flipside in pitch.
In the journal review published in IOSR Journal of Humanities and Social Sciences (IOSR-JHSS),
Mohammad Bani Younes & Samer Al-Zhoubi highlighted the negative impact of modern
technologies which is the practice of social isolation; they tend to find comfort on written
communication with no sensory feelings rather on personal social interaction.
The proponents also added, the use of modern technology could lead to psychological and health
problems. This is due to the spread of incorrect and unauthenticated information as well as verbal
abuse which results unacceptable reaction of fear, anger, discomfort, rebellion, and hitting of
One of the impacts also includes in a whole different perspective, religion, is the abomination of
Satan and revealed that it has contributed to the deterioration of values and lack of ethics of the
people in the society.
In 2009, Al Aga recognized the stigma within juvenile delinquency in the Gulf Cooperation
Council Countries. Study reveals that there is a significant difference in terms of the usage
patterns. Comparing the delinquents and non-delinquents, study has shown the modern
technologies have contributed to the negative acts of juvenile troublesome.
Al Yousef (2006) pointed out the case of excessive use of internet indicates loss of self-control,
neglect of personal status, and poor relation and communication in social environment. The study
confirmed that the root of internet addiction in some countries is the free access.
To sum up, the utilization of modern technologies is a double-edged weapon, with pros and cons,
requires a comprehensive understanding and concerted efforts of change. The interest of social
connection and the parenting has a big contribution to trigger these negative impacts which these
studies aim to point out to give positive influences in the society for the responsible usage of
modern technologies.