Learning Arabic language in a creative way

Learning Arabic language in a creative way
Did you know that language learning and creativity work hand in hand, even when you do not realize it?
Maybe it is in the way you associate words in a new language, or the way you color, style your notebook
when learning. It may be done unconsciously, but it helps you learn. And it is such an efficient way!
Thinking outside the box, having a new perspective of things. People actually say that learning a new
language opens new doors for you. A Czech proverb said “You live a new life for every new language you
speak. If you know only one language, you live only once.”
But let’s see what creativity means. Some define it as the use of imagination or original ideas to create
something, or involves transforming your ideas, imagination, and dreams into reality. Nonetheless, it
still means the same: making something new! So you see, learning a new language is by itself creating
something new, starting with another version of yourself. Arabic language is creative by nature. Just
look at the alphabet! The way the letters are written has the potential to unleash your inner artist. Let’s
not forget about the culture. A new language opens the door to its culture and people. A new version of
yourself is created when you combine the traditions, ways of cooking, social environment. It makes you
think more creatively, more prone to empathy or solution finding. And creativity helps you learn the
Arabic as well, taking notes differently, different ways of memorizing and so on.
Creativity is linked to self study
A lot of new language learners opt for the classical methods of and textbooks. But an Arabic app, a video
or a websites can trigger your creativity. After attending classes and studying from textbooks, a lot of
people stated that they need something more and the classical method does not fit their needs and
hinder their creativity. So they preferred to combine the textbook and classes with self-studying, in their
home, at their own pace, in their own bed and pajamas. This allows them enough flexibility and move as
slow or fast as they want. The best way of learning is by having fun, so coming up with innovative ideas
that will keep you interested and engaged during your language learning process is key. This is where
creativity helps! You can come up with a fun new song that will allow you to remember the Arabic
alphabet faster (the ABC song, but for Arabic). You can play games like word links for Arabic words. Do
whatever suits your needs! It’s not about the perfect schedule or routine, it’s about what suits you best
to help you learn easier.
Mix creativity with language learning
Do not underestimate the power of creativity in the language learning process! And do not believe that
you are not creative enough! You will see that the moment you start to learn, your mind will
automatically adapt itself to coming up with methods of learning. A good example is the Arabic letter Ya
(‫)ي‬. This is the English equivalent of the letters E and I. Some people say that this is the chicken letter
due to its shape, you can see the beak and the 2 dots on the bottom that make for the legs. Mix it up,
keep yourself interested and motivated.
We truly support anyone who tries to learn a new language, and we at kaleela.com are always here to
provide top notch advise and articles on how to ease up your learning process and how to make it more
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