~~~ Awake, with eyes wide open. Staring at the beautiful night sky, I was excitingly waiting to
see the meteor shower last November 22nd. People told me that meteor showers are a great sigh to see,
but it can be missed with just a blink of an eye. And that is what happened with just a quick glimpse to
the side I failed to see the meteors. Teary eyed and disappointed, I held my head high because I know I
will have the opportunity to experience to see the beauty of meteor showers.
~~~~Missing 12 years envisioned~~~~ MENTAL BLOCK….
A meteor shower occurs when the trail of interplanetary debris enter the earth’s atmosphere.
The interplanetary debris is mostly made up of space rocks, called meteoroids. As the meteoroid s fall
towards earth, they produce drag throughout the rock, which causes the meteoroid to heat up. The
streak of light people see is the hot air left behind the burning rock. When the earth encounters many
meteoroids at once, it is called a meteor shower.