There are actually a lot of advantages in changing

There are actually a lot of advantages in changing the law with regards to this problem, and here are
some of them:
1. It will serve as a deterrent against future crime and it will help to lower the number of juvenile
2. It will force the parents to pay more attention to their kids.
3. More kids will be raised as well-disciplined and responsible adults, who know how to follow the
society’s laws.
4. It will improve the community by keeping it safe for everyone.
5. It will be an opportunity to redirect these children into the right path by sending them into an
intervention program or a rehabilitation center, where they can be given new opportunities to have a
better education and life.
Hopefully, just by looking at these reasons, you can see the practicability of lowering the age of
criminal responsibility. After all, this is for younger generation’s sake as well.