I. Before each number, write whether each statement is CONTINGENT, NECESSARY, or
___________________1. Murky water is not clear.
___________________2. Gasoline and diesel fuels are sources of fossilized energy.
___________________3. Trees feed on carbon dioxide and carbon monoxide.
___________________4. Students are all learners.
___________________5. Watering a plant is an act of care and nourishment.
___________________6. Police officer is a law enforcer.
___________________7. Penal statutes are found in the Revised Penal Code.
___________________8. Bombing is an act of terrorism.
___________________9. Bangsamoro Organic Law is created by Presidential decree.
___________________10. Eating is all about ingesting a food.
II. Convert into the Standard Logical Proposition in each of the following statements.
1. She is working on a part-time basis. (2X)
2. Few comrades had fallen into a deceitful act of the terrorists.
3. Not all policemen are corrupt public officers.
4. Professors and instructors are generally teachers.
5. Logic lessons are not physically strenuous.
6. Black hole is a dead star.
7. The collisions of chemical particles inside the black hole are at the speed of 1 billion km/sec.
8. The impact of collision of chemical particles in the black hole is no less than 1 trillion degrees celsius.
9. Architects design buildings and mega structures.
10. School presidents are not household servants.
III. What is the converse of each of the following items, as enunciated in Immediate Inference? (2X)
1. All soldiers are called men in uniform.
2. Some reptiles live in the forests.
3. No mollusks are vertebrate animals.
4. Some critics are not truly objective in their judgments.
5. All company drivers are not executive officers.
6. No infants are logicians.
7. Some law enforcers are litigators.
8. No criminal prisoners are physically free.
9. Some creatures are attractive beings.
10. No lawyers are not barristers.