Grade 9 geography mid term

Grade 9 Geography mid term
(i) Name one traditional method of irrigation still used in Pakistan. [1]
(ii) Name one modern method of irrigation used in Pakistan. [1]
(iii) Compare the advantages and disadvantages for small scale subsistence farmers of the two of methods
of irrigation you just named in (i) and (ii)
(iv) Why is irrigation necessary for growing crops in many areas of Pakistan?
Q.2 The map, show the distribution of dams In Pakistan.
Describe the distribution of dams. [4]
What are the natural factors that have favored the construction of dams and reservoirs in the
places shown on the map?
(b) For the major dams and the small dams shown on the figure.
(i) Compare the purposes for which the water is stored by the two types of dams. [6]
(ii) With reference to examples, compare and explain the sizes of the areas served by the two types
of dams.
Name in full the two institutions set up by the government to build the dams. [2]
© State three problems caused by the storage of water in reservoirs and its use for agriculture. [3]
Q.3 (i) In which year was the Indus water treaty signed? [1]
(ii) Why was the water treaty necessary for Pakistan? [5]
(b) (i) Large dams have been constructed for water storage. Name one. [1]
(ii) Several reservoirs are suffering from silting. What is silting and how is it caused? [3]
Iii Why Is silting a problem?
Name a link canal and explain its purpose.
Q.3 Study Fig.1 which shows canal water supply in Pakistan
In which year the water supply was highest? [1]
How much higher was this than the supply in 2002? [1]
© Why is there not enough water supply from canals to meet the needs of all users? [4]
(d) Explain why waterlogging and salinity of soils causes problems to farmers. [6]
(e) Water Pollution is a major problem in urban areas. With reference to examples, explain some of
the causes of this pollution and why is it a major problem to the people who rely on this water supply.
Q. 4 Study fig 4 that shows an irrigation system.
Name the system shown in the fig.
Name an area of Pakistan where it is used.
Explain how this system provides water for agriculture in this area.
Name a fruit crop grown in this area. [1]
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