HPE Partner Ready Digital Marketing Program
Digest Volume 1
The importance of
Digital Marketing
The fundamental shift in how
B2B buyers are making
purchase decisions is changing
how we drive demand.
of a B2B buyer’s journey is
spent interacting with digital
content and this is consistent
throughout the buying process.1
Today’s B2B decision makers are consuming digital content
to help inform their purchasing decisions during their buyer’s
journey. Marketers need to embrace this new digital reality
to connect with customers, build lasting relationships, and
grow business.
digital marketing has created a unique opportunity to connect
with customers at every stage of the buyer’s journey—from
earning their attention to engaging and persuading and,
ultimately, securing purchase.
We have compiled a variety of content, resources, and tools
that can provide greater insights on the impact digital
marketing can make within the buyer’s journey. Access these
resources directly through the links below.
In order to stay competitive, you need to integrate digital
marketing tactics into your overall marketing mix. That means
staying engaged with customers when, where, and how they
access content online. With the rise of data and technology,
Today’s customers are spending
nearly 10 hours each day with
electronic media2
of B2B buyers use social media
to make purchasing decisions3
of B2B online buyers use search
specifically to research business
purchases, conducting an average of 12
searches prior to engaging with a brand4
The HPE Digital Marketing Maturity Assessment is designed to help
you evaluate your current digital and social marketing capabilities and
enhance your digital marketing presence and successes. It also provides
actionable recommendations so you can improve your capabilities, yield
more pipeline, and grow sales.
By completing a brief online survey, you will be provided with a detailed,
customized digital marketing maturity assessment report and score.
This report will help you assess your current digital marketing
capabilities and processes so you can identify opportunities to further
Take your assessment today!
These educational
resources share insights
on the latest digital
marketing trends and
best practices to help
you enhance your digital
marketing efforts.
Digital Marketing Overview (HPE Article)
Provides a detailed overview of digital marketing, its
components, its effect on the buyer’s journey, and how to create
the right mix of digital marketing strategies and tactics.
Assess your Digital Marketing Type to Drive Performance
(HPE Video featuring SiriusDecisions)
Summarizes how to measure your digital readiness—including
what you’re selling and how B2B buyers are purchasing—by
defining your digital type.
Watch the video
Digital Marketing—What You Need to Know
(HPE Whitepaper featuring SiriusDecisions)
Learn how the new focus on digital affects the buying journey
and selling process, and discover what digital approach works
best for your organization.
Align Digital Marketing and Sales for Higher ROI
(HPE Video featuring SiriusDecisions)
Shares why it’s important for sales and marketing to work
together during the buyer’s journey for better results and cost
Watch the video
HPE Guide to Digital marketing
Provides an overview of key digital marketing strategies with
one-click access to a wide variety of educational resources that
share insights and best practices every digital marketer needs
to know.
Strengthen your demand generation—HPE Marketing Service Agency
(MSA) Co-Marketing Program (HPE Guide)
Provides an overview of how working with an MSA supports your digital
marketing campaigns by offering a broad range of marketing services that help
you engage with your prospects throughout their buying journey.
Work with HPE teams or
Marketing Services
Agencies (MSAs) to
facilitate the planning
and execution of your
co-marketing efforts and
strengthen customer
engagements wherever
they are in their buyer’s
The HPE MSA Co-Marketing Program
Recaps how you can engage with HPE Marketing Service Agencies and benefit
from their buyer’s journey insights and digital marketing expertise.
Watch the video
Empower your marketing
teams with ready-to-use,
customizable content,
campaigns, and tools to
quickly and easily market
to the buyer’s journey
through digital and social
Five ways to empower your digital marketing success
Illustrates how you can use HPE content and tools to engage with customers
throughout the buyer’s journey.
Download the infographic
Watch the video
Deeper conversations. Better connections. Greater results. (HPE Article)
Provides an in-depth view into the key behaviors, attributes, motivations,
challenges, and goals of our key enterprise customers personas. Also, shows
how to easily connect with them by delivering content and messaging
throughout the buyer’s journey to address their needs and concerns.
Social made simple
Explains how the HPE Social Media Center makes it easier for you to place
and track social media to reach customers no matter where they’re at in their
buying journey.
Download the infographic
All-Flash Storage Acceleration On-Demand Webinar
Shows how you can activate and customize your own HPE All-Flash Storage
Acceleration campaign.
Watch the video
Deliver content that delivers results
Details how HPE Content Syndication Services enables you to deliver content
into your customers hands at the right time of their buyer’s journey.
Download the infographic
Digital marketing: a buyer's journey
Shares the steps you can take with digital marketing to reach customers and
tell a consistent story across the different phases of a buyer’s journey.
Download the infographic
HPE Channel Campaign Prep Kits
Shares guidance on how to market to the buyer’s journey by developing and
executing an integrated, customized HPE digital marketing campaign. Includes
links to campaign assets.
Derisking a Data Center with Superdome X, and Akira
Provides an example story of a CTO buyer’s journey including how digital
marketing provides a connected content experience and customer-centric
Watch the video
Ensuring Business Continuity with 3PAR, and Jean-Luc
Tells the story of how digital content, such as banner ads, video, and social media,
helps guide and inform a CIO throughout his buyer’s journey.
Watch the video
Scheduling a workshop with PointNext, and Sophia
Highlights how digital marketing can provide relevant content and context for a
CTO just as she begins her buyer’s journey.
Watch the video
About the HPE Partner Ready Digital Marketing Program
Through this program, you have access to a comprehensive suite of digital marketing resources, tools, and content to drive effective, multi-channel marketing campaigns.
The program enables you to:
• Assess your current digital marketing maturity and identify areas of opportunity
• Educate your teams to build your digital marketing proficiency through the HPE Partner Ready Marketing Pro Academy
• Collaborate with HPE and agency digital marketing experts to further strengthen your capabilities
• Empower your business with a comprehensive suite of digital marketing resources
1 Source: SiriusDecisions, 2018
2 Source: http://www.mediadynamicsinc.com/uploads/files/PR092214-Note-only-150-Ads-2mk.pdf, 2014
3 Source: https://maark.com/b2b-search-and-social.html, 2017
4 Source: https://www.weidert.com/whole_brain_marketing_blog/understanding-todays-b2b-buyer, June, 2017
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