Weather Jeopardy

Precipitation 100
• develops when growing cloud droplets
become too heavy to remain in the cloud and
as a result, fall toward the surface of the earth
ANS: What is rain?
Precipitation 200
• aggregates of ice crystals that collect to each
other as they fall toward earth. Since they do
not pass through a layer of warm air to cause
them to melt, they remain intact when they
reach the ground. ANS: What is snow?
Precipitation 300
• large frozen raindrops produced by intense
thunderstorms made up of many layers
caused by the blowing up and down in the
cloud. ANS: What is Hail?
Precipitation 400
• supercooled water droplets freezing on impact
with cold surfaces ANS: What is freezing rain?
Precipitation 500
• Small pellets of ice caused by rain freezing
before it falls. ANS: What is sleet?
Water Cycle 100
• Water that falls back to earth as rain, sleet or
snow. ANS: What is precipitation?
Water Cycle 200
• The process of water changing into an
invisible gas called water vapor ANS: What is
Water Cycle 300
• The process of water vapor turning into
water droplets in the atmosphere ANS: What
is condensation?
Water Cycle 400
• The water from precipitation that fills back
into the rivers, lakes and oceans and allows
the cycle to begin again ANS: What is
Water Cycle 500
• The evaporation of water into the atmosphere
from the leaves and stems of plants. ANS:
What is transpiration?
Clouds 100
• White, puffy clouds that look like piles of
cotton; they are known as fair-weather
clouds. ANS: What are cumulus clouds?
Clouds 200
• Thin, feathery clouds that appear high in the
sky. ANS: What are cirrus clouds?
Clouds 300
• Gray clouds that cover the lower part of the
sky like a blanket; rain or snow falls from
them ANS: What are stratus clouds?
Clouds 400
• Cloud that forms at the earth’s surface ANS:
What is fog?
Clouds 500
• Tall, dark clouds that mean thunderstorms
with heavy rain and strong winds ANS: What
are cumulonimbus clouds?
Storms 100
• The most common type of storm ANS: What
is a thunderstorm?
Storms 200
• Caused by warm and cold air swirling
together in a funnel shape ANS: What is a
Storms 300
• Large, powerful storm that occurs over large
bodies of water ANS: What is a hurricane?
Storms 400
• The beginning stage of development of a
hurricane. Winds are around 20 knots or 25
mph. ANS: What is a tropical depression?
Storms 500
• One of the 4 components to the formation of
a thunderstorm. The 3 others are instability,
moisture, & a lifting mechanism. ANS: What is
Weather Misc 100
• The weight or pressure the air exerts on the
ground. ANS: What is air pressure?
Weather Misc 200
• Moving air and the cause of most weather
ANS: What is wind?
Weather Misc 300
• The average weather of a place over a long
time ANS: What is climate?
Weather Misc 400
• A boundary between two air masses, one cool
and the other warm. ANS: What is a front?
Weather Misc 500
• An electronic instrument used in weather
forecasting that measures speed and direction
of the wind in addition to precipitation. ANS:
What is doppler radar?
Weather Instruments 100
• instrument used to measure the temperature
of the air ANS: What is a thermometer?
Weather Instruments 200
• Instrument used to measure liquid
precipitation. Also known as a pluviometer
ANS: What is a rain gauge?
Weather Instruments 300
• Instrument used to measure air pressure
ANS: What is a barometer?
Weather Instruments 400
• Instrument used to measure the speed of the
wind ANS: What is an anemometer?
Weather Instruments 500
• Instrument used to measure the amount of
moisture, or humidity, in the air. ANS: What is
a Hygrometer?