slam poem questions.edited

Slam poetry questions: Mary Black- I will not be quiet
1. The elements that made this poem effective, as well as memorable, are its use of words to
emphasize silence and pain/suffering
2. A. They made us feel emotions through the words used to describe the native people's pain and
B. statistics, cycles of repetition
C. the imagery of someone drowning themselves I booze
D. sightSound-quiet, silence
3. Types of poetic devices used
Rhyme-line 14 "how the patterns strain my brain."
4. These poetic devices help get the message of the poem across due to
5. The message of the poem was that First Nation's people are still feeling the effects of what
happened to them and their previous generations. As well, the author is saying that she will not
be quiet about the abuse of native women.
6. Yes, I believe this poem was effective in showing readers the horrible truth that still plagues the
first nation’s population today.
Slam poetry questions: walking through words poem
1. I think what makes the poem effective is how is explains how nature affects our lives
2. A. this poem helps us feel emotion because of how it defines our connection and dependency
on the land we tread upon.
B. they made us live in the experience by using vivid imagery to describe every setting.
C. they use the imagery of a vast ocean and the view on top a mountain looking out with the
setting sun.
3. One of the poetic devices used is personification “a cedar sacrifices its own flesh to give you
fire” this quote is giving the tree flesh.
4. The poem uses personification to give us a connection to a cedar tree giving up its flesh to
provide you with fire.
5. The message of this poem is don’t take nature and everything it gives you for granted.
6. Yes, this poem was effective because it made me think how much I take for granted.
Slam poetry questions: Hunting
1) What made this poem effective was its use of imagery throughout
2) Some of the techniques used were
b) The poet made us live in the moment using imagery to portray the setting and actions in the
poem accurately
c) "a salmon leaps out of the water, with red and silver arcs."
3) The poetic devices used are imagery.