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Each country has traditions that define them as something that differentiates them from
others and makes them more interesting and mysterious.
10 thing that you can do in Taiwan, but first you need to know that is Taiwan is the
country more advanced ,and leads to limits never seen before. In Taiwan you can walk
on the street and see many amazing things, but do not waste your time, let's begin.
1)Have you ever read about Toroko? In that area you can see one of the most beautiful
palaces from the past where an ancient samurai lived, however, you can see many
paintings of the wandering samurai. In my opinion, when I entered to that palace I felt
like traveling through time because I felt that I lived in the times of emperors and
2)Another thing is swimming in a lake that in 2012 was named as the most beautiful lake
in Taiwan. The named of that lake is Sun and Moon. You can also do the challenge of
the dragon tip jump , and immerse yourself in the thermal waters 100 meters from the
lake. If you ask me that lake is amazing because you feel that your energy is restored
and your body relaxes completely.
3)If you like to explore they have the best tour for you. Explore the caves of the 7
Elemental Dragons, but wait you do not need a lamp to illuminate because the cavern
has an unusual element (mushroom) that shines in the dark, you will even see many
rivers inside of the caves with the amount of 34 different species of fish. Finally, you will
visit a special sacred place where you can feel the spiritual energy.
4)All people like party ,so Taiwan is your best options . See the festivals in Taiwan,
where you can dress traditional Taiwanese dresses ,and eat foods with rare and exotic
ingredients. It is true that they have a different opinion about food, but that is why it is
impressive because the differences make Taiwan unique. In my opinion, traditions such
as festivals represent a part of history that is transferred to new generations.
5)Another alternative, if you are one of the people who likes risks, can tour the city
while flying through the skies, but, of course, with a special suit, on the other hand, you
can feel the wind in the air in your face, and see beautiful places from the blue sky .I
think that it's a very difficult decision because at first, it scares you, but when you do it
you feel awesome because is an experience that you have never had before.
6)One of the most important points when you are traveling is the food. Taiwan has an
impressive variety of food, the types of food they have are really delicious and very
healthy. The most common are fish and octopus. In my personal opinion, the food is a of
more delicious and healthy meals that I had never eaten before.
7)In this world you have traditions. But it is Taiwan. There is a tradition that takes place every
day to show that they are free souls and remember the dead. People make paper lamps and
release them in the Taiwan river. I think that it is a beautiful tradition because I saw all the
Taiwanese people participate in that activity, kindness, love and all the feelings of those people.