lab focal length of lens concave and convex M2 AS L13

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Lab-Specified practical – Investigation of
images in lenses (M2 AS L13)
A ray box with a multi-slit plate can be used to investigate images in convex and concave lenses.
The focal length of the lenses can also be determined.
Aim of the experiment
To investigate the images formed by convex and concave lenses and to determine the focal
length of the lenses.
1. Place a convex lens in front of the ray box fitted with a (3) multi-slit plate, onto a sheet of
plain A4 paper.
2. Draw around the lens with a pencil.
3. Switch the ray box on and use a pencil to mark small crosses on the paper to show the path
of the rays of light before and after passing through the lens.
4. Use a ruler to join the crosses to show the path of the rays of light.
5. Repeat steps 1 to 4 using a concave lens.
Use your results to measure the focal length of both lenses. The example sets of results below
will help to show you how to measure. Submit the focal point of the lens on the A4 paper
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Convex lens
Concave lens
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