writing a research paper

Aim: how can we write a research
Objective: SWBAT discover academic
sources and site them in papers.
Do Now: Write a thesis for an essay
about basketball.
What is a good source to use?
• A good source to use is one that is academic,
such as an google scholar, an appropriate
website, or nonfictions books.
Wikipedia is not a good source to
• Wikipedia is not an accurate source!!!!!!!!!!
• It can be edited by people, so it can have the
wrong information.
• However, on the bottom of a Wikipedia page,
you can find links to valuable sources.
Completing your research
• Write the main idea of the articles or what
points you would like to address from it in
your own words. Always site!!!!!! (last name,
page number) or (last name, year)
Write a good detailed thesis statement
• Your thesis should contain your argument and
tell what the paper will be about.
In your body paragraphs
• Sandwich together your own words and
thoughts about the topic, with your research.
• You can either use an anecdote (short story)
Information, or an overview.
• Start general and get specific.
• Restate your thesis/ introduction.
• Sum up your body paragraphs
• Leave the reader with a final statement