Planning an Essay-writing a thesis

Planning an Essay-Writing a Thesis
-write a sentence that expresses your main point
-list three or four ideas that support your point.
1. A thesis contains your idea, your feeling or opinion about
the subject and some limits or control about the subject.
A terrible thesis is: Dogs rule.
However, it can be developed as follows:
Dogs rule-cats suck.
Dogs are better than cats.
Dogs are better than cats because they are friendlier, need you more
and do more stuff.
Dogs are preferable to cats
In terms of companionship, activity, and affection, dogs are preferable
to cats.
Dogs are preferable to cats with respect to companionship, degrees of
interaction and need. devotion love likeability need care attention
In terms of companionship, with respect to their ability to interact and
in overall levels of affection, dogs are preferable to cats.
Dogs are preferable to cats as companions, in terms of their versatility
as a pet, and because of their ability to demonstrate affection.
2. For the initial draft, focus on ideas and organization.
3. Writer’s block- do not stare at a blank page. Look at your
notes, lists, diagrams, and freewriting about the subject. Try to draft
quickly without too many starts and stops. Let you rough- draft
sentences be “as stupid as they wish.” Writing is a way of learning.
4. Make large revision: then revise sentences. First sharpen the focus,
improve the organization, strengthen the content, clarify points of
view, and engage the audience. Then change the sentence structure,
word choice, punctuation and mechanics. Use other people to review
your work.