Belonging from the Balochistan province of Pakistan. This province is
full of natural resources and instead of this it is considered the most
backward and poor province of the Pakistan. The people of the
Balochistan are very hard worker, brave and multi-talented. In this
technological era, they are deprived from education, use of new
updated technology and even most of the population do not get
clean water to drink.
I am also part of this province and belong to a poor family. I am
considered a lucky man in my society and family to get higher
education. Most of the people in my community are hopeful that
after completing my studies I will help them to polish their skills and
bring them on screen of competition.
So, the reasons which pushed and created an interest in me to
search and approach YSI programme, some of them are mentioned
above. By attending this programme, I will be able to help the people
who are close and related to me I can bring many changes and new
ideas for the people of my community by attending YSI.
The main factor which motivated me about the YSI is to improve,
empower, and strengthen myself in academic study. This programme
enables me to polish my skills such as technical, communication
diagnostic, and the decision-making skills which I have learnt through
my business studies. This programme will be a life changing event for
me as it may provide me an opportunity to interact with different
people from different countries and divers cultures further it will
help me out by involving me group and team activities which will be
an beneficial thing for me to do as it would be quite supportive to
design my career this is why I am motivated in YSI.
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