Writing Project: Early Humans
Each choice requires a minimum of 350 words of writing. You are always welcome to exceed the
word count as long as it adds to the quality of your writing.
Category 1) Narrative:
Write your own “early humans” story-- create a character based on what you know about a particular
group of early humans. Set your story in the appropriate time period (for example, if your character is a
Neandertal or Cro-Magnon, you will want to set your story in the Ice Age). Use character inspired conflict
to drive your plot, and make sure your story has a beginning, middle, and end. Try to include as many
accurate details as you describe scenes and characters in your story.
Category 2) Expository:
a) Report-- Choose an area in the study of early humans that interests you, and list 10 main questions
you have about that subject. After your teacher approves your questions, you may begin researching
your area of study. Organize your report to address your questions, and include any new information
you learned in addition to what you originally set out to research. You must include a bibliography (a list
of your information sources). You need to use a minimum of three sources for your research.
b) Persuasive Essay-- Should evolution be taught in schools? Begin by introducing your topic and
addressing both sides of the argument. State your thesis clearly, and provide examples to support your
opinion. Don't forget to include answers to possible counter-arguments!
c) Essay-- What happened to Neandertal? This essay will require some research. Basic theories
include the ideas that Neandertal was killed off by Cro-Magnon, was unable to adapt to changes in
climate or territory, or disappeared within Cro-Magnon tribes through intermarriage.
d) Movie Review-- How accurate is the film "Ice Age?" Provide a detailed synopsis of the film. Then,
point out its accuracies or inaccuracies based on what you have learned in Social Studies and Science.
You may want to research a few facts if you are unsure.
e) Survival in the News-- write a news article detailing any threats to our survival today. Possible
threats could include violence, pandemic flu, water shortage, drug use, etc. Research recent news
stories about some of these threats, and explain why they exist and what society can do to battle them.
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