Personal Statement

Since I graduated in 2014, with a Bachelor’s Degree in Human Biology from De La Salle
University, I had a deep passion in learning about Health, Life and Science. I entered the College
of Medicine in Our Lady of Fatima University for almost two years and it has been a wonderful
experience to learn more about the amazing facts of the Physiology of the human anatomy and the
biochemical factors that affect it. In my period of study, I have learned the relevance of time and
being flexible so that I could effectively work smart as a part of a team or a group. Being punctual
and responsible with my time helped me to manage the tasks that I have to do in order to save lives
because every life is precious. The study, research, application and knowledge to improve health
and cure diseases motivated me to be an agent of change in mediocrity. Looking back, some of the
key moments that inspired me to decide that my future lay in the sciences include the knowledge
and skills that I gained from Physicians under the American Heart Association who trained me in
Basic Life Support Training. Medical care will always be necessary to sustain someone’s life in
times of emergency until the patient is brought to the hospital to be checked and taken care of the
medical professionals like doctors and nurses.
I choose to study in the UK so that I will gain a world class education. UK is known for its
history, culture and the healthcare it offers to its inhabitants. The UK and its universities have
an undisputed reputation for academic excellence even for international students. There are a
variety of reasons why I consider studying in the UK. In addition to the high-quality education of
prestigious universities, the academic benefits are probably the main reason why studying in the
UK can be the best decision that I will ever make in my life. I know that my degree will be
recognized and respected, no matter where I end up being employed and I could stay in the UK
after my studies under a work visa or an entrepreneur visa, and I can also apply for UK citizenship
after 5 years. The education in UK will provide me with a solid foundation of knowledge and skills
that will boost my potential for having a higher salary and finding exactly the job that I want which
is related to Health Care Management. British universities are actually known worldwide for
having clever yet challenging environments that will help their students to progress and reach their
full potential. Their standards are incredibly high and the education system in the UK has been the
basis for higher education standards in other countries for years which made UK recognizable
when it comes to good quality education.
I want to be considered for the course Master of Science in Global Health Care
Management at Coventry University because I want to study about Health Care in an advanced
level. I feel that I am suitable for the course because of my educational background in college as
well as the knowledge, skills and trainings that I have gained during my Post-graduate study in the
College of Medicine. I have the ability to handle clinical issues, including the understanding of
treatments and other modern medical technologies. I have good interpersonal and communication
skills which will help me to work effectively with a variety of individuals and professional groups.
I am attentive and have good listening skills too. I have the initiative, leadership skills and the
ability to gain the trust, commitment and cooperation of other people. I am flexible and I could
work with critical thinking especially in solving problems that may arise.
I choose this course because it is a unique program designed to help me to work and build
leadership and management capabilities so that I could pursue careers within health care, social
care, community and other business sector organizations that are related to health care. The
modules that I like in particular are Leadership and Management in Global Health, Leadership,
Service Improvement and Integrated Care as well as Professional Development. The course that I
have chosen will help me to explore and learn more about the international dimensions of
healthcare management. The program will also help me to develop the entrepreneurial skills that I
will need when I apply for a job after my studies. I will gain definite knowledge, skills and
experience to effectively contribute something unique and of significant work in the health field.
Some of the benefits that I will gain from this course are first, it is in high demand
nowadays since there are more urgent care facilities and organizations that need healthcare
administrators and managers. All organizations that practice medicine require management.
Indeed, there will be more job opportunities for me when I finish my Master’s Degree. Second, I
will learn the skills that will be valuable for my future career. These skills include things like
conducting research, organization, accounting, and taking the lead for a leadership position in the
future. Therefore, I can have an honorable position. There will be a lot of opportunities and
potential for growth in the health care industry, executing or changing health care laws, rules, and
regulations that can be of great benefit for people. And third, I will earn a good salary that is based
on my degree and experience. Working and serving other people would be the best feeling for me
and I find it fulfilling.
My plans/future goals after finishing the course are first, to make the world a healthier
place by the idea of helping people who need medical assistance, service and support. I would like
to advocate health care policies that seek to provide good health care for the poor because I want
to have the opportunity to make a big impact on patients’ quality of lives. Second, I want to work
as a Health Care Manager or Health Care Executive in the UK because I want to have a stable and
rewarding career so that I can enjoy the opportunities as a Health Care Manager in the future. And
lastly, I want to play an important role in organizing and directing not only the operations of the
hospitals, doctor's offices, nursing homes and community centers, but also in setting a positive
example to the people I work with and in maintaining the integrity of these institutions in the
coming future.