ECO 422

Human Capital (ECO 422)
“Career Objective”
Prepared By
Tasfih Rahmatullah
Department: Economics
Submitted to
Dr. Rubana Ahmed
(Q) What type of tertiary education and training do I required to
work on financial sector through cadre service?
Cadre Service Job β in Financial Sector= β0 + β1 (St. Joseph Higher Secondary
School + β2 (Economics)+ + β3 (Βrac University)+β4 (Public Finance)+β5 (
training under ministry of Finance or Government Institution) + β6 (Motivation to
learn, Systematically make systemic)
My first and foremost career objective is to get into Bangladesh Civil Service(BCS).BCS job is
such a gold mine towards me by which I would be able to work for the country, work for the
government perceptibly. Importantly, to determine the socioeconomic cause of selecting civil
service and on the other hand the causes of selecting other than civil service, we can show the
functional relationship with civil service / other than civil service and the important explanatory
variables, which is relevant for the same. Above all, on the selection of my career objective some
variables played a huge role, these are 1) Prestigious job,2) Job Security, 3)Serving the nation
4),Higher study ,5)Opportunity to work / visit abroad ,6)Pension,7)Family desire,8) High salary
,9) Challenging Job, 10)Performance based promotion, 11)Nontransferable job,12) Fair
recruitment ,13)Living place (LP).To intensify my career objective I have a wish to work on the
financial sector through cadre service ie. on (Economic cadre) which will be convenient to my
Undergraduate studies on Economics .In addition to, it to enrich my skills I want to do my Masters
in Public Finance. Being an economics graduate, I would look forward to use my own resources
of studies, which must be backed up by quantitative evidence , use my analytical and evaluative
skills, and utilize it by making an investment on banking and financial services, business and
public-sector management and research. Ironically, to blend economics with Public Finance I
would like to use my academic experience on Financial Management , Control Revenue and
Receipts Powers of Sanction Budget, Grants and Appropriations ,Establishment Expenditure on
Supplies & Services and Repairs & Maintenance, Stores Works, Miscellaneous Expenditure Debt
and Miscellaneous Obligations of Government Local Funds, Loans and Advances Miscellaneous
Subjects Government Accounts.
Secondly, by working on the financial sector, following the systematic way I want work for the
Government on achieving goals and support to the public organizations to make their vision in
attaining its goals. This means that once a budget has been compiled and funds have been allocated
to different departments accordingly, I will ensure that the budget is properly implemented and
that expenditure is monitored, while also ensuring that there is no mismanagement of funds.
According to Lungiswa Nyatyowa ,( 2016) published in Oxbridge academy Public finance
administration would help while preparing budgets, recording, reporting and analyzing of the
financial transactions within a government department or public organization, Purchasing and
supply, ensuring transparency and accountability. In addition to, according to Rehana Perven and
Dilruba Shaheena (2013) working on Financial sector helps to make the acceleration in Capital
accumulation and expansion of quantity and to some extent quality of labor, with a lesser role
played by the human capital .As a result, I will be able to understand about the Real Gross
Domestic Product (GDP), Capital accumulation (I), Human Capital(H), Terms of Trade (TOT),
Total Factor Productivity (TFP.).While working on the Department of Finance, economics will
come into play while dealing with development Project & Manpower Transfer ,Budget & Medium
Budget, TDM & NTR, Pay Scale, Pay Fixation ,Allowances, Retirement & Pension, Provident
fund, Leave, Contract Application & other sectors. According to, Sheikh Touhidul Haque
(2013),through my studying of macroeconomics I would able to maintain a short-run and long-run
relationship between public and private investment and economic growth in Bangladesh. This
implies that public and private investment impact positively economic growth in the short and long
run process.
In the end, through my BCS preparation I would blend my academic studies on Economics and
Public finance to reach my intensive goal through cadre service.