carta de ingles

Katty Paucar
Monday, April 04th 2016
First “PRE IB”
Monday, April 04th 2016
Sor Clara Ines Pardo
Rector principal
“Nuestra Señora del Rosario” high school
Dear Rector
Dear principal, I am a student from first pre ib and wishing you success in your daily activities as
principal. The objective of this letter is to give to know my advice about the school uniform that I
will detail then; my advice would be to change the color of the waistcoat with another color that
combine with the skirt colors, also to add the school shield as sign of identification, other
important aspect are the shoes, to change them for other shoes more comfortable to can do all
the scholar activities that present us. the sportive uniform would be better to change the long
socks by short socks and supportive shoes that adapt to the work that we want to perform. I
would like you to consider these aspects. For the men you could remove the tie of the mondays of
the students to feel more comfortable. I agree with the colors of the skirt, pant and sportive
uniform. Without any more to tell I dismiss of you and I hope your answer of my letter and
consider my advices.
Katty Paucar