UCAS statement

Since an early age, I have been intrigued by the human body and its technical aspects. Whether
it was the intricacies of the cell or human anatomy, I always had an appetite for knowledge
and to learn more. That thirst and drive to become versed in the field of biology are just one
of many reasons as to why I have chosen biomedical sciences.
During high school, I jumped on every opportunity to broaden my knowledge with anything
relating to biology, whether it be nutrition, A.P Biology, or even Chemistry. The annual
science fair, an event many would find dull, was a place where I showcased my grasp of the
subject. Regardless if I had won first or not, showcasing my intellectual abilities brought me
immense pleasure. More specifically, winning 'most interesting experiment' in my 11th year for
my experiment on dry ice and its different properties & interaction further bolstered my
desire to pursue biology.
Additionally, I volunteered to assist refugees to shop for necessities such as clothing,
strollers for their youngsters, and so forth. That experience made me realize my love for
aiding others and caring for them. The realization of the gratification and satisfaction I
feel from helping one another made me want to delve into the medical field in particular.
Furthermore, my academic supervisor and I were close acquaintances and he had always
challenged me on an intellectual level in regards to science and more specifically, biology.
He later left the school to pursue his PhD in a research circled around a protein that is
potentially effective against cancer. Seeing him endeavor onto his journey lit a passion in me
for the field of science and research. I aspire to become a person that my teacher could be
proud of and would be able to say "yes, I mentored him".
In conclusion, I aim to further educate, develop, and improve myself and consistently be of
help to others as I feel as it is a calling rather than a choice. I yearn to be able to
improve the world around me by acquiring the skills required from my studies and applying them
to my life, all meanwhile living out my passion to work in the field of medicine
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