Gr.7 Heat & Temperature 6.0

That Use Heat
Heat & Temperature 6.o
Using Heat Energy
 What are some uses for heat energy?
 .
 Heating homes
 Preparing food
 Melting plastics and metals
 Creating electricity
The fireplace used to be
he only way of heating
a home.
Now there are many
different ways. How is
your home heated?
Heating Technologies
Read Page 232-233
Heating Systems
Local Heating Systems
 Local systems provide
heat energy for only one
room or a small part of
a building
Central Heating Systems
 Central systems provide
heat energy from a
single location and is
transferred through the
building by pipes or
How is heat transferred
How do we control our
 In our homes we
usually use a
thermostat to
control the
 Most thermostats
contain a
bimetallic strip
Bimetallic strip
This is a strip of metal
that contains 2 different
types of metal
One side will contract
and expand at a
different rate than the
Read Page 234-235
How we keep the heat in
 Insulation is very
important. Since heat
rises the roof of a home
is where most of the
heat is lost.
 Where else do you
think heat can be lost?
Page 236
Question 1
 Aside from homes where else have you seen insulation
being used?
 .
 Clothing
 Coolers
 Pots and pans
Question 2
 How is your home heated? Do you know how it
works? When you go home today ask your parents to
explain to you where the heat comes from, how its
made, and how it is spread around the house.
Heat Project
 Individually you will choose a method of heating
homes from the list below ( if you know of one not
listed please check with me first)
 You will become an expert on this method and teach it
to the class.
 This means you must understand it! If you are
confused so will your classmates
 You may use powerpoint, poster, handouts ect. To
help you teach the class
Project Criteria
 You must
Explain where the heat comes from ( electricity, burning,
boiling etc.)
How it heats the home ( radiation from the floor, convection
from vents etc.)
What is needed in your home for it to work ( tanks, vents,
boilers, etc.)
Average cost in Saskatchewan ( make sure you are finding
local data, you can also ask family members if they use this
method) if not used locally explain why.
Provide pictures and diagrams to show how heat travels in
the house
Create a handout for the class with at least 5 question they
must answer
Project Options
Geothermal Heat Pumps
Propane Furnace/ Natural Gas Furnace/ Central Heat Furnace
Wood boiler
Radiant Floor Heating
Electric Heat
Hybrid Furnaces
Solar Heating
Air source heat pumps