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Bill Nye: The Science Guy – Atoms
1. Matter is anything that has _________________ and ________________.
(mass or weight)
(volume or area)
2. All things are made up of ___________________________.
3. The center of the atom is called the ________________.
4. The __________________ of the atom contains two subatomic particles,
the __________________ which are positively (+) charged and the
__________________ which are neutral (no charge).
5. The negatively (-) charged subatomic particles that orbit the nucleus are
6. The flow of electrons from one atom to another is called
7. The atom is mostly __________________ space.
8. How many atoms could fit on the top of a
9. Explain how atoms are like letters.
10. All matter is made of __________________ and _________________.
11. Name 3 types of energy.
a. _______________________
b. _______________________
c. _______________________
12. ___________________ and __________________ gases are produced
during the electrolysis of water.
13. Breaking apart water using electrolysis is a (physical or chemical)
14. The number of ___________________ in the _________________ gives
atoms of elements unique chemical and physical properties.
15. What does the atomic number represents the number of
16. Each element has a unique ____________________ and one or
two-letter abbreviation called the __________________ symbol.
17. Quarks are located inside
18. C​3​H​5​N​3​O​9​ is the chemical formula for ___________________________
which is used to make dynamite.
19. Elements are organized in the _____________________
_______________ of____________________.
20. How many elements occur naturally in
21. Which element is the foundation of organic chemistry and makes ​life
22. Since the periodic table is like the alphabet and we use the “letters”
(atoms) to form words (“molecules”) let’s start with some practice. Make
some words out of the symbols from the periodic table. Try to make the
longest words you can think of. ​There is a prize (food) for the longest word
and the most words.
Examples: ​He + At = HeAt​
​S+ U + P + Er = SUPEr
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