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World History I Songs
Unit 1
Unit 2
Unit 3
Government Song
Economies Song
Indian Ocean Trade
Mansa Musa
Illuminated Manuscripts
Black Death
Black Death Rap Song
Martin Luther Song
95 Theses Rap Song
French Revolution
Here is your opportunity to make extra credit!
100 Extra credit points for creating your song with music on a video. The lyrics must be about a subject we have learned
in World History 1. It cannot be about the same subjects that already have songs available.
50 Extra credit points for writing the lyrics to any of the above songs that don’t have lyrics already in this packet. This
also goes for the songs Marie Antoinette and Istanbul, not Constantinople. AND THEN DOING KARAOKE DURING CLASS.
30 Extra credit points for writing the lyrics to any of the above songs that don’t have lyrics already in this packet. This
also goes for the songs Marie Antoinette and Istanbul, not Constantinople. And then doing karaoke after school for the
25 Extra credit points for writing the lyrics to any of the above songs that don’t have lyrics already in this packet. This
also goes for the songs Marie Antoinette and Istanbul, not Constantinople.
Olmecs https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lDNyVmh3qwc
What is Mesoamerica?
Where did the Olmecs Live?
Where did they spread to?
Where is this today?
They had a form of ______________________
They also understood the importance of ___________. (in math)
The Olmecs practiced ____________________________
Like many other ancient people, we don’t know what the Olmec’s called themselves.
The Aztecs called them Olmecs which meant_____________________________
Government Song Let’s learn Gov (part 2) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qyTbyn7npOc
Picture to help you remember it
Economic Systems Song https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Cpqq9HXYJPM
Picture to help you remember it
Indian Ocean Trade Song https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=weR-c6fh2VQ&t=4s
What are dhows?
Why are people trading in India?
What do we know about Arabian Trade? (who was in charge of it?)
How can you guide a ship with the starts?
List 3 items
How does an astrolabe work?
What is a Chinese junk and why is it called that?
Where is the Chinese junk going to get gold?
Why did Islam spread so well on the Indian Ocean Trade Routes?
Who was Buttuta?
Where is Mogadishu
What do they mean that these people are devout
Kilwa was a major trading center where?
It was rich and was known for trading gold. What happened to it?
Why was it GREAT Zimbabwe?
What happened to it?
Mansa Musa https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4TWOIkEygWM
How many camels?
Who is the person they’re singing about?
He is the king of two places…
What did he support?
Why is that such a big deal?
What did he build?
What is a pilgrimage?
Why did he throw gold?
List 3 effects throwing gold could have on his country?
Where did he go on his pilgrimage?
Illuminated manuscripts https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=81tmuA2Dddk
What is vellum?
What is illustrate?
What color is important?
What do the letters look like?
What are verdigris and vermillion?
They also sing about silver. Why do you think gold and silver are important to illuminated manuscripts?
What was the Book of Kells?
Black death https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rZy6XilXDZQ
What was the plague? What would happen if you caught it?
What is a pandemic?
What is Yersenia Pestis?
How did the plague spread?
Where did it start?
What do they mean, “The Mongols used biological warfare?”
How did the plague travel from China?
How much of Europe died?
Who was blamed?
Why were they blamed?
People carried pouches of herbs. Or “pocket full of______________________”
How did the plague help the peasants?
Let me hear you sayThis plague is _________________________________
____ ____ ____ ____ ____ ____ ____
Black Death rap song https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mVSHieg9Jac
it's during the middle ages
during the 1300's (1347)
People started to get sick
but no one knew what caused it
Said to have started in China
and to have spread to Europe
Due to Fleas on Rats
that got on to Trade Ships
These ships set sail from the Middle East
Spread the disease to European port cities. The disease
spread fast it was very quick
it was contagious, so a sneeze or cough could make you
Medieval people didn't know germs cause disease
that the plague was being spread by the rats and the fleas
They believed it was caused by a higher power
as a punishment from god because of Religious Doubters
So they turned to the church hoping they could be saved
the prayed and repented but nothing seemed to change
People got sick and people died
people lost faith, church power declined
Ring around a Rosie,
with your pocket full of posies
if you have the following symptoms
then you might not want to get cozy
do you have buboes under you armpit
or a fever, making you vomit
by day 3 did you notice that
your skin is covered in dark blotches
by day 4 it attacks the Nervous System
causing seizures and pain for the victim
by Day 5 if you're still alive
and the buboes burst
then you might survive
but most of the time
the people die
cause they had no cure, and that is why
Where do they think it started?
What might have caused it?
How did it spread?
Why didn’t people know about germs?
What happened to the church after the plague?
Write the words to the song here:
Ring around________________________
What did this mean?
Pocket full of _______________________
What did this mean?
Ashes Ashes _______________________
The words probably weren’t ashes but a sound to
represent a sneeze- like Atchoo. What does that mean?
We all _________________________________
What did this mean?
at least 1/3 of Europeans lost their life
The Feudal system collapsed When population decline
With fewer workers, supply was low, demand was high
So the rich paid the poor for the goods they wanted to
Now the poor got paid, quality life increased
creating a middle class in the social hierarchy
As time went on the number of deaths decreased
and the legacy of the black death live on in history
What was the feudal system?
Why did the plague make it end?
Why did the number of people dying decrease?
Martin Luther https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rZ3AFZXXX-k
What was wrong?
Who is the person they’re singing about?
What did he do?
What is an indulgence?
What is a heretic?
What was the Edit of Worms?
What language did he translate the Bible into?
Why was translating the Bible a big deal?
How many theses?
What day did he do this?
What’s another name for it?
So, what was the date?
Draw a picture to help you remember!!!
If you havin’ Church problems then
don’t blame God, son I got ninety-five
theses but the Pope ain’t one.
Listen up, all my people, it’s a story
for the telling ‘bout the sin and
injustice and corruption I been
smelling: I met that homie Tetzel,
then I started rebelling Once I seen
the fat Indulgences that he been
selling. Now the Catholics of the
world straight up disgracin’ me Just
because I waved my finger at the
My people got riled up over this
Reformation That’s when Leo
threatened me with
Excommunication. I warned y’all that
Rome best agree to the terms. If not,
then you can eat my Diet of Worms!
You think you done something
spectacular? I wrote the whole Bible
in the vernacular!
A heretic! [What?] Someone throw
me a bone. You forgot salvation
comes through faith alone.
I’m on a mission from God. You think
I do this for fun? I got ninety-five
theses but the Pope ain’t one. Save
One Five One Seven that’s when it
first went down. Then the real test
was when it started spreading
around. Sixty days to recant what I
said? Father, please! You’ve had,
what? Goin’ on fifteen centuries?
Oh snap, he’s messin’ with the holy
communion. But I ain’t never dissed
your precious hypostatic union!One
place at one time. Well, thank you
Zwingli. Yeah, way to disregard that
whole I’m God thingy! Getting all up
in my rosary you little punk. Your
momma shoulda told you not to
mess with no monk.
95 Theses Rap Analysis Sheet
What We Think It Means
(What historical fact(s) are the lyrics
describing? Use your notes and the fact
sheet to help you!)
Final Notes from Class discussion
What you bumpin’ me for? Suddenly
you sore. Keep that up, you’ll have
yourself another Peasant War. You
blame common folk for the smack
they talkin’ You ain’t even taught
them proper Christian doctrine.
With my hat, my Bible, and my sexy
little nun, I got ninety-five theses but
the Pope ain’t one. Save me!
When I wrote the ninety-five, haters
straight up assailed ‘em. Now they
only care whether or not I nailed ‘em
or mailed ‘em. They got
psychoanalytic. ……….
But you forgot about me and my
religious demonstration? Like you
can just create your own
denomination? We don’t like this
part, so well just add a little twist.
Now we Anglican, Amish, and even
Calvinist. I gave you the power, you
gone and abused it. I gave you God’s
truth, you just confused it. Don’t you
never underestimate the stuff that I
done I got 95 theses but the Pope
ain’t one. Save me!
Shout out to Johannes Gutenberg... I
see you baby
French Revolution https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wXsZbkt0yqo
What are the 3 estates?
What are the 3 French words they repeat?
What do these 3 words mean?
Which group paid the taxes?
Marie Antoinette did NOT really say “Let them eat cake”? But what do you think this phrase really meant?
What was the big deal about bread?
What does impoverished mean?
What is a famine?
Why is a tennis court important to the French Revolution?
What was the Bastille and what did it represent to the people of France?
Describe the Women’s March
Why did Austria and France fight during the French Revolution?
What are culottes? What is sans culottes? Who were the sans culottes?
Who was Robespierre? What was the Reign of Terror?
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