owkord suituation
sarcastic - insecurity
ecoistic behaviour
puting down
backhanded compliants
critically judgemental comments
I really suggest you to check and pollish before presentation
patronize like I am not competent enough
To show the superiority and do show the managment some good stuff James really doesnot seem understand difficult suituation
If you really understood the situation youd support it
patronize like I am not competent enough
she may be need to study the issue in greater deapth
Real one no issue
he is in capable of grasping the seriousness of the issue.
Judgemental comments
only an idiot would consider the issue in that way
you see it diffrently if i gave a a more complete explanation
Real one no issue
Any one having a proper knowledge will realize that is not a good idea
meant to induce emotional involvement
Strategy one directly ask (Respond and confront)
What makes you feel/really feel/beleive like that - can you explain bit more
set for resolution and reduse hostility
(Dont take it personally-How)
Do you really feel I dont care about it / or what portion of my act make you to feel
like that/Have I said or done somthing that gave you that impression?
Do you feel my action are reasonable to tact the suituation
Low key confrontation approach(Questioning tactics) above - respond directly then set for solution and it open up.
Remain calm & raise above the no win game set by some on through verbal. (Ability to calm is the strong defence for verbal assault)
or say I dont really understand your attitude.-low confrontation with calm
Respond in professional manner and dont take it personally. There are case no win came he or she may be planned
If all known the procedure this kind of issue not happen
communication and public skill training