Counter Reformation Notes

Topic: Effects of the Reformation: Counter Reformation
Definition of Counter Reformation
What event started the Counter Reformation?
What other events were part of the Catholic
Who were the Jesuits? What did they
establish and where? What was the purpose
of these establishments?
What patterns do you see on the map for the
Inquisition Tribunal? Why might those
patterns exist? (think about what you know
about the past)
Video: The Spanish Inquisition Part 1
“No One Expects the Spanish Inquisition”
Working with a partner examine the primary and secondary sources to
learn more about the Counter Reformation. You have two jobs:
Add to your notes on the goals of the Counter-Reformation
based on your reading of the primary and secondary sources.
Given the goals of the counter-reformation, did the Catholic
Church make good decisions in the efforts to counter the effects of
the Protestant Reformation? Create a T-Chart showing evidence
that supports both sides of the question.
Finish the assignment as homework.