The Crucible Lesson Plan

The Crucible - Lesson Plan
Objectives: The student will be able to identify and analyze elements of drama.
Standards: LAFS.1112.SL.2.4; LAFS.1112.W.1.2; LAFS.1112.W.2.4
Pre Reading Activities
1. Students will be refreshed on the Puritan culture based on what was read and discussed
during “The Scarlet Letter”.
2. Students will watch a short clip that introduces the Salem Witch Trials and how it
connects to the story of “The Crucible”.
Reading Activities
1. “The Crucible” will not be read as a drama, but instead as an informational text summary
of the story. It will be divided into 6 sections, where the whole class will read, listen and
take notes of important aspects. Students are expected to chime in with comments and
2. After each section, the film version of the story will be presented up to the point that was
read at the time for better understanding. The teacher will be pausing the video in order to
point out what was discussed in each summary section.
3. Students will then work in teams of 3 or 4 and complete a QUIZIZZ challenge that will
contain close read style questions. They will have to return to the summary sections in
order to find the correct answers.
After Reading Activities
1. Students will create a compare/contrast chart that focuses on the Puritan witch hunt and
that of the McCarthy era. Students must point out what made each situation so important
and terrifying, and must explain the hysteria that they created. This will be a
informational/visual presentation done on Microsoft SWAY.
2. Students will read and analyze the IMPORTANT QUOTES from the story and explain
the context behind each one.