Weight loss tricks to become slimmer without exercise

Weight loss tricks to become slimmer without exercise
With work pressure and commitments at home, things happen, and you are unable to make time for a
workout. You may have tried exercise before, but it didn’t really help you. Although exercise is
important, it is possible to lose weight in a healthy manner without it too. If you decide to take time off
from the gym, try the following tips to reduce weight:
 Track your calorie intake - If you are not burning calories you need to track your intake. Use diet
charts and figure out how many calories will you be consuming.
 Avoid sugar and junk food - Remove sugary food as well as junk food from your daily diet. You can
have them at intervals like weekly or twice a week, but not daily. Refined carbohydrates like cereals,
bread, pasta and rice are also well-known offenders.
 Lessen the size of your plate - Stick to plate that is 9 to 10 inches wide. A smaller plate means you
will only eat if you are really hungry and not pile up your plate, just because you have space on it.
 Get enough sleep – Not sleeping well could be a contributor to your weight gain. An average of 7.5
hours per night will help you in losing weight. Hormones like ghrelin tells us when to eat and leptin
tells us when to stop. If you don’t sleep enough you experience more ghrelin leading to weight gain.
 Drink plenty of water – Drink plenty of water through the day. If you feel hungry then ask yourself if
you drank water. You may feel hungry if your body wants water. Carry a water bottle with you, drink
a glass of water pre-meal or consume some herbal tea. You must drink two and a half or three liters
of water daily.
 Limit alcohol –Alcohol has a lot of calories and it is easy to pick up on them if you drink a few
cocktails. Limit the number of drinks you take per week and see the changes.
 Eat a hearty breakfast – Eat a good breakfast but don’t gorge on bacon, bread or hash browns. Eat
heavy protein and include eggs, yogurt and peanut butter in your meal. Also snack in between
meals, every 2 to 3 hours.
 Add proteins, veggies and healthy fats – The human body needs nutrients, minerals and vitamins.
Load your plate with veggies like broccoli and zucchini. Low fat proteins and lean meats are best,
and you can include fish, chicken and lean beef.
Another way to lose weight is by using HCG hormone for weight loss. The best HCG drops for weight
loss will allow you to drop those pounds without going to the gym. It is an easy and convenient way to
shed weight. Trimcontour is one such provider of HCG drops for weight loss. Trimcontour has HCG
drops, creams and gels to aid in your weight loss journey.
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