Short Story

The Vision
Brianna Patrick
December 2018
When I first heard this story I thought that it was a very interesting story. So
I decided to share this with you. This story I'm about to share with you is about a
spirit quest, part of the Native American culture. Native American culture believes
in spirits, good, evil and The Great Spirit. Chief Crazy Horse who was a Medicine
Man of the Oglala Lakota (Sioux) tribe, believed that the spirit realm is the actual
reality and that the physical realm was just a mere shadow of reality. When doing
a spirit quest you isolate yourself and fast until you have a vision, and you only
want a vision from a good spirit. A Medicine Man is the tribes historian, and
spiritual leader. They pass on the history of the tribe by word of mouth. To keep
the evil spirits out the Native Americans would build a rock circle around their
camp. In Native American culture circles mean completeness and cycle. A vision
gives clarity, focus, is supposed to make you humble, and appreciative of what the
Great Spirit as givin you. This tale is about my great great Uncle Denby Deegan,
who had to go on a spirit quest to become a Medicine Man.
My great great uncle, Denby Deegan, who was to become a Medicine Man,
had to go on a spirit quest as a part of his requirement to become a Medicine Man.
He traveled from his home to the Black Hills in South Dakota to go on his spirit
quest. He looked and looked for a good place to have his spirit quest and then he
found a remote place to set up camp. The place he had chosen was deep in the
woods, and was quite peaceful. After he set up camp he started to make his rock
circle. He went out into the forest and collected rocks of all shapes and sizes. The
construction of the circle has to be done perfectly, and pure, so that evil spirits can
not corrupt him when he's on his spirit quest. He laid them around his camp in a
perfect circle. Building this circle took time and was not done quickly. While he
was working on his circle a man appeared and wanted to help him build his circle,
Denby was already weak from fasting and making his circle so it was tempting,
But he refused. If he had let anyone help him make his circle it would have been
impure, corrupted. Where he had made camp was so remote that there should not
have been anyone in that part of the forest. He refused and kept building his
circle.We still don't know to this day if the man was just a hiker or possibly an evil
spirit. Denby continued on his spirit quest and eventually became a full fledged
medicine man in the sioux tribe in South Dakota. He is now in his seventies and he
told this story to my grandpa and he told it to me.
The moral to this story is to not give into temptation. Taking the easy way
out can mess up everything. If someone gives you a task and you don’t try your
best it's the same as letting an evil spirit corrupt your circle. It goes the same for
friend groups, when you have a friend you become like that friend. So if you let a
bad influence into your friend group it will corrupt your friendship. Surround
yourself with good people so you may be successful.
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