Western Civ. What is it to you?

Nathalie Olivares
Professor Marker
January 24th, 2019
What Does Western Civilization Mean to You?
In my opinion, Western Civilization means how society was able to function
during a certain time period in a particular part of the world, and in this case, the
western countries. It can also explain how the many different aspects, such as
religion, language, art, and culture played a part in civilization. When I hear the term
“Western Civilization”, the countries that come to mind are Europe, Canada, and the
I also imagine that Western Civilization would be able to explain why these
generations had to live the way they did, what resources did they have access to,
what was a normal day for these civilians and so forth. that this begins at a specific
time period, which I think would start around the 17th century up until now, because
we are still evolving and constantly adjusting to new inventions that are made. For
example, we started with the train, which was to get us from place to place. Then we
came up with new ideas, such as the car, bus, and plane. There are so many more
others, like how we first washed our clothes with a bucket and rag and hung our
clothes out to dry, and now we have two separate machines to do each (the washer
and the dryer). All in all, I feel Western Civilization is how the Western countries are
learning to adjust to their surroundings and evolve to help society.
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