Middle School Math Projects

Middle School
by Kristen Jusiak
This is a collection of 4 different math projects that can
be used to help reinforce specific math skills throughout
the school year.
Activity #1: Realtor Project
(Topics: Percents, Commission, Simple Interest)
Activity #2: Menu Project
(Topics: Operations with Decimals, Sales Tax, Gratuity)
Activity #3: Create an Ad Project
(Topics: Find Sale and Original Price, Find Percent Off)
Activity #4: Numbers in My World
(Topics: Number Sets, Scientific Notation, Exponents, etc.
Great Back to School Activity!)
Hope you enjoy this introductory activity!
Name_______________________________________ Date________________
Directions: You have just been hired as New York’s premier Real Estate Agent. Your first
assignment is to create a listing to be published for a local house for sale. Your listing
needs to be attractive in terms of design, layout, and neatness and include but not limited
to the following information:
Checklist of Minimum Requirements
FRONT of Listing:
_______Picture of House and Original Asking Price
_______Address (Street, City, State, and Zip Code)
_______Name of Realtor (your name)
_______Three Descriptive Numerical Phrases (ex: Four bedrooms, …)
BACK of Listing Information and Work Space:
Determine how much commission you would make if the house sold for the original
price and you get paid a 6% commission.
______________________ x ___________________ = __________________
Determine the commission if you sold the house after a 10% decrease of the original
Determine how much the new buyers will actually pay for the house when you factor
in simple interest (x) for (y) years. (A standard mortgage is generally 30 years, you
may select an appropriate interest rate.)
Let’s Eat at __________________________’s Place!
(fill in last name)
Directions: As America’s top new chef, you just became the proud owner of your very own
restaurant! Complete each part below to prepare for the opening of your restaurant.
Part 1: You are in charge of creating an appetizing menu with a minimum of 10 items
and the cost for each of the items. Your menu needs to be attractive and designed
to catch the eye of potential diners. The menu has to boldly identify the sales tax
rate and gratuity.
Part 2: Before the Grand Opening of _____________________(your last name)
Place, you need to treat your family and friends to a night out at your new
restaurant. Record what you and your guests will be ordering on an attached guest
check and how much each item costs. Then add the total cost for the meal, including
tax, gratuity, and the final total.
Bon Appetit!
Part 2: Guest Check
Use the following guest check to keep track of your family’s bill and to calculate the total
including tax and gratuity. **You can re-write this information on the back of your menu
or attach this worksheet with all required calculations to the back of your menu.*
Work Space:
Sub-total: $______
Tax: $_______
Gratuity: $_______
Total: $________
(Image from www.guestcheck.us)
Directions: You are now in charge of designing a sales advertisement for your favorite
store. Your favorite store is having the “Sale of the Century” and you need to create an ad for
at least 3 of the stores hottest items! Include the name of your store, minimum of 1 picture per
item and required sale information. Be creative and have fun! Be sure to utilize sources such
as magazines, newspaper ads and the internet for inspiration!
Required Sale Information and Work Space:
 Sale Item #1 _______________________________
Give Original Price $_______________
Show % Off ________%
Customer Price $__________
 Sale Item #2 _______________________________
Give Sale Price $_______________
Display Percent % Off ________%
Find original price of item $__________
 Sale Item #3_______________________________
Give Original Price $______________
Give Sale Price $ ____________
Find the percent % off _________%
**You can re-write required calculations on the back of your Sale Ad or attach this
worksheet with required calculations to the back of your ad.**
Find each of the following numbers in a magazine, newspaper, or on-line. This assignment
is due by ________________ in order to receive credit. Each question will be worth 1 pt.
and must be cut out and placed on the given line.
1) A real number less than 1 ________________________
Write the reciprocal of the number.
2) A number bigger than one million _______________________
Write the number in scientific notation.
3) A number in exponential form_________________
Write the number in standard form.
4) A whole number greater than twenty-five___________________
Find the square root of your number and round it to the nearest tenth.
5) A two digit perfect square number__________________
Find the sum of the digits.
6) An integer _______________
Evaluate your integer to the third power.
7) A decimal _________________________
Write your decimal as a fraction in lowest terms.
8) A mixed number __________________
Write your mixed number as an improper fraction.
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