About Us:
Yelp is a social network which lets its users search for and
review businesses around them. Unlike other directories, Yelp
focuses more on engaging with its users and make them
engage with other users and businesses as well. Users can
create a profile, add friends, chat in forums, and visit offline
Yelp events too.
Work force diversity
Belief in diversity
Yelp Value:
Belief in Inclusiveness
Key features/aspect they offer
User feature:
• Yelp IPhone app:
72% of Yelp searches are done from mobile device. Yelp introduce an app for IPhone users 1n 2008
and released an update to IPhone app with hidden Easter Egg augmented reality feature called
monocle, which allowed users looking through their IPhone camera to see Yelp data on businesses
seen through the camera and check in features were added in 2010.
• Yelp Reservation:
Yelp user can make restaurant reservation in Yelp through Yelp Reservation. This reservation features
were initially done through a partnership with OpenTable but Yelp became increasingly competitive
with OpenTable after Yelp’s acquisition of SeatMe, resulting in the end of the partnership in April
• Yelp Question and Answers:
In 2017 Yelp launched a Yelp Question and Answers feature that allows the user to ask venue specific
question related to businesses. It allows users to up vote and down vote the answers on the basis of
• Food order, delivered, Hygiene inspection scores, Spas appointment and Booking of hotel.
• Feature for finding local business. Scheduling and ordering and legal consultation.
Local Business Features
Respond Reviews feature for
App of managing feature through
Check in Feature
Yelp Criteria:
Criteria :
Yelp allows users to contribute different kinds of content,
including reviews, photos, videos, events, votes, tips, direct
messages, and more. Yelp has different general guidelines for
each of them.
Yelp uses automated software to recommend the most helpful
and reliable reviews for the Yelp community among the millions
we get. The software looks at dozens of different signals,
including various measures of quality, reliability, and activity on
Yelp. The process has nothing to do with whether a business
advertises on Yelp or not.
Revenue Model
1- Run Targeted
4- Dedicated
7-Video production and hosting
2- Online
5- Make Use of
Yelp Premium
9- Self service Program tools
3- Yelp
6- Deals and GIFT
8- Profile Enhancements
10- Full service Program
Authenticity of the reviews posted:
Yelp Algorithm:
attempts to evaluate whether a review is authentic and filters out
reviews that it believes are not based on a patron’s actual personal experience, as
required by the site’s terms of use.
 Recommended (71%): evaluated as genuine
 Not recommended (22%): somewhat suspicious and only displayed on a
second page
 Removed (7%): Reviews that are not being displayed As you can see, a
staggering 29% are not recommended or removed. As the algorithms evolve, reviews
can be re-categorized
Sting operation: Yelp also conducts “sting operation” to uncover businesses writing
their own reviews. In October 2012, Yelp placed a 90 day “consumer alert” on 150
business listing believed to have paid for review. The alert read “we caught someone redhanded trying to buy reviews for this business.
Yelp User’s Attitude:
• According to Inc. Magazine most reviewers or Yelpers are well
intentioned and write reviews in order to express themselves,
improve their writing, or to be creative. Each year members of
the Yelp community are invited or self-nominated to the “Yelp
Elite Squad” and some are accepted based on an evaluation of
the quality and frequency of their reviews.
Gap Analysis
Zero Rate
Anonymous User:
• Restriction to making profile
• Credible information
• User’s safety policies
Zero Star Option:
Since Yelp is a social network and let users and businesses share their experience through a
social platform so it is very important that user have freedom of speeches in sharing their
experience and idea.
Censorship: When users has not access to the free speeches like rating ZERO to a business
so it is censorship. Yelp censor the idea of user that is not respectful for users.
Low switching cost: small business can change easily to Google, Face book ads so it is a
big challenge for Yelp. Yelp has to review its policy regarding to businesses in revenue model.