Middle of the desert narrative 2

Omar El Bastawisi
English narrative
November 13/2018
Lost in the Arabian desert
One day three friends named Ali, Mohamed, Ahmed were in the Arabian desert, and suddenly a
sand storm occurred and they couldn’t see anything so they took cover and fell asleep, when they
woke up finding their self’s lost in the middle of the dessert. Ali, Mohamed, and Ahmed got
scared and worried about what they should they do, then Ali came up of an idea of walking
around and searching for a town that may help them find their way home, so they all agreed and
started searching for a small town or neighborhood. While they were searching Ahmed saw some
small houses that are ahead, so they all got so happy and rushed in the direction of the houses.
When they reached they found that it was a demolished neighborhood, where there were only
some people, who were very poor, so they did not help them go back because they had nothing
left but they let them stay with them as they think of a solution. Days passed by they started to
face another problem of hunger they were all hungry, and people in the neighborhood barely had
food for themselves and they did not have anything to eat but they still gave them part of their
food to survive. The three friends were so grateful, but they were still very hungry and their
death was near. Soon that night a group of travelers passed by the demolished neighborhood
looking for a place to stay over the night, when they reached the neighborhood the three friends
saw them, and rushed to them asking for help, so the travelers came in and heard their story and
decided to help them go back their home if and only if they can settle for the night at the
demolished neighborhood and another night in the three friends town, the three friends agreed
for the traveler to stay for the night at their town but they were not sure about the poor people’s
town, so they went and asked them and they agreed that the travelers can stay for the night only
if they give them food to survive, the travelers gladly agreed, and the whole neighborhood got
food to fulfill their hunger even the three friends, the next morning the travelers woke up from
the morning and took the three friends they met with them, so they can reach their homes safely,
when they reached everyone in their town got so happy and relieved that they are alive, and they
heard their story and what happened to them and how they came back so the town took the
travelers and showed them around the town and let them stay for the night. But the town also
agreed that they should give back to the people of the demolished neighborhood and give them
food and helped them rebuild their town, for letting the three friends staying with them and
giving them food.
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