Similarities dna rna

Similarities dna rna
made of nucleotide
subunits linked
have 4 bases that
carries info in the same
Rna is made of one
strand of nucleotides
rather than 2.
Rna contains 5 carbon
sugar ribose, rather
than the sugar
Rna nucleotides have a
nitrogenous bases
called uracil instead of
thymine u=a
1: the ribosome, mRNA, tRNA which is carrying
the amino acid methionine bind together.
2: a new tRNA arrives and binds to the next codon
on the mRNA. A peptide bond forms between the
first amino acid and the amino acid created by this tRNA.
3: the first tRna detaches and leaves its amino acid.
With each new tRna, the amino acid chain grows.
4: the process ends when a stop codon is reached.
5: the amino acid chain is released, and the ribosomes
complex falls apart.
Mutations: survival, diversity
Disease, genetic disorder