Laser Hair Removal

Business name:
Laser Hair Removal
Brooklyn, NY 11235
(917) 609-9481
Mon - Sun 10am – 8:30pm
Payment Method:
Cash, credit cards
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The-art technology to remove unwanted hair for today is hair removal by laser. This effective technique
is based on the effects of laser hair follicle and destroying it. Thus, modern equipment relieves the
patient of unwanted hair once and for all. Laser hair removal during the gradual destruction of hair
follicles. As a result, the hair stops growing entirely. Of course, the beautiful and durable result requires
a full course of laser hair removal.
Laser hair removal requires multiple sessions in order to achieve desired clearance. This is based
primarily on biological factors – the cycle of hair growth. At Laser Hair Removal, we recommend a
protocol of six laser hair removal sessions in order to achieve clearance in the treated area. Our laser
hair removal is very safe for the skin. There are many advances in laser hair removal technology for all
skin colors. There are no long term health hazards from laser energies used in our systems. call us today
to make appointment, (917) 609-9481
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