Borderline Personality

Lata who is now 24, was brought in by her husband recently to get help from a
psychologist. He stated that Lata was married to him at the age of 12 through arrange marriage
when they lived in India. She had gone through more than she can handle at that young age
such as sexual abuse and mental abuse from his family. Because of work he had to immigrate to
America, leaving her to fend for herself which he believes may be the cause of how she is
today. When asked about how their situation was when they lived in India he said he was very
poor and had a hard time even feeding his family for days.
But their situation got better when she was 20 because he was able to bring her to
America and by then they had a daughter. Her husband stated that “three years ago my wife
has been having constant mood swings within an hour and it has caused him and his daughter
to feel as if their walking on egg shells around her, fearing they will trigger her anger and make
her upset and sometimes she gets physical with their daughter when she does something
wrong.” Her husband stated that sometimes Lata gets very paranoid about her daughter doing
anything outside of the house because she truly believes she will get kidnapped by someone or
something terrible will happen to her no matter how many people are with their daughter.
When speaking to Lata about how she has been feeling lately, she stated that she feels
empty inside and the littlest things get her agitated and upset. She says she is unable to control
her anger when she gets upset with her husband, she says things she does mean to say to him.
She states that she regrets it so much afterwards and fears that one day her husband will just
leave her. She tries to relieve her fears by binge eating sometimes or spending a lot of money
when going shopping but it doesn’t seem to help her mentality much. Lata ended the session
by stating that “I have lived in survival mode ever since I got married and its hard to get that out
of your system when its all you knew as you were growing up.”
The disorder I chose is Borderline Personality Disorder.