4330 hw4

ELC/ME 4330: Homework #4
Read sections 3.1 and 3.2 of the text. Complete the following problems.
1.) Problem 3-5 in the text.
2.) Derive the forward kinematics of the robot pictured in figure below. Note that the
arm has 3 degrees of freedom (waist, shoulder, elbow) but the wrist has only 2
degrees of freedom (pitch and roll), so you are to find matrices A1, A2,…A5. These
could multiplied together to obtain T5 but you are not asked to do that. When
calculating the kinematics, use the actual measurements provided in the drawing.
Show each individual Ai matrix.
(NOTES: Place the end-effector frame’s origin 4.000 inches from the wrist pitch
axis. This places the frame between the gripper fingers. Also, observe that the axis
of rotation for the waist is the vertical dashed line indicated “waist rotation.”)
Waist rotation