CJC 111 Week 13 Clifford Landis

CJC 111 Week 13
Clifford Landis
Survey Questions for Inmates
1. Do you believe your punishment fits the crime you committed?
2. Do you feel that your punishment for your infractions are fair?
3. Does your resident handbook help answer your questions about the rules you have to
follow in prison?
4. Do you think that you can adapt to the outside world when you get out?
5. Do you think that the programs in prison will help you have a productive life once
you leave prison?
6. Do you feel safe from rape or other violence in prison?
7. Do you believe that correctional staff maintain discipline in the prison?
8. Do you believe that solitary confinement should be used as a punishment for all
9. Do you believe the challenges of being released could cause you to relapse and reenter the prison system?
10. Do you believe that all non-violent inmates should be able to take advantage of
11. Do you think that prisons take care of identifiable human needs according to the 8th
amendment rights of the constitution?
12. Do you believe that you are getting satisfactory levels of heath care?
13. Do you believe you should serve your time closer to home?
14. Do you believe correctional staff is doing a good job at preventing riots?
15. Do you believe that correctional staff is helping you along the road of re-entry?
16. Do you have any concerns that were not addressed in this survey?