EAL End User Agreement

End User Agreement
I, ___________________________, hereby acknowledge on _________________ that a vehicle
will be titled and registered to my name for the sole intent of exporting the vehicle another
country. I further acknowledge that for my time and consideration, I will be compensated a
one-time monetary amount of $_________ per vehicle (above and beyond and other
compensation I have received previously) for which I am used for this purpose. I agree that
even though the vehicle will be titled and registered in my name, I waive any and all rights to
ownership of this vehicle to ______________________ in compliance to this End User
Agreement and give Power of Attorney to _____________________ for the purpose of signing
any paperwork on my behalf for the vehicle mentioned below.
I also agree that in order to fulfill my end of the agreement, I will give my full cooperation in
completing the following requirements:
1. Sign the above End User Agreement.
2. Be present when and where I am required to be resent to sign paperwork.
I understand that if for any reason I am unable to fulfill the above requirements, I forfeit my
right to compensation. I understand that by signing this Agreement, if attempt to exercise any
right to the vehicle that I will be titled to, I will be prosecuted to the full extent of the law.
Vehicle Year/Make/Model:________________________________________________________
Vehicle VIN:____________________________________________________________________
Driver’s License Number:___________________ State:__________ Exp. Date:______________
First Name:_____________________ MI:______ Last Name:____________________________
State:__________________ Zip:________________
Phone 1:________________________________ Phone 2:______________________________
Email Adress:__________________________________
Signature:________________________________________ Date:________________________
Printed Full Name:_______________________________________________________________