Heredity Unit questions - AP Biol

AP Bio - Heredity
1. (Short answer). In what way does pre-RNA differ from mRNA?
2. (Short answer). What is ncRNA and what is its role?
3. (long answer). Explain the process by which DNA makes proteins.
4. (long) By using techniques of genetic engineering, scientists are able to learn
more about the human genome and to use these techniques for the
betterment of mankind. Describe those techniques below, and explain how
each contributes to our understanding of the genome or for what practical
purpose it can be used.
a. PCR
b. RFLP analysis
c. Gene cloning
5. (long). All humans are genetically identical. However, every person has a
unique DNA fingerprint. Explain this contraction.
6. Describe two events that are common to both mitosis and meiosis that
ensure the resulting daughter cells inherit the appropriate number of
7. The genetic composition of daughter cells produced by mitosis differs from
that of the daughter cells of meiosis. Describe two features of the cell division
process that lead to these differences.