6 Benefits and Problems of Out-of-class Language Learning
Most of the authors agree about the concept that learner autonomy is a functional
concept that should be attempted in order to be instated into the learning process. Dafei
(2007) does not identify autonomy only like an ability to obtain the other skills; she
indicates it as an aim of the learning process and it is one of the most important case
which determines if a learner reaches his or her potential or falls short of that potential.
Cotterall (2000) denotes this issue in the similar way, emphasizing the fact that autonomy
is not just a goal for the highly committed learners of the language but for all of the
Little (2002) declares two main reasons about why autonomy learning is worthy of its
position as a well known theme; firstly, the students will be engaged and motivated with
their learning and accordingly more likely to be impressive, since it would be more
personal, also secondly, if the students are proactively committed to the learning process,
the difficulty of motivation finally can be solved, due to autonomous learners have
advanced the reflective and attitudinal resources to control temporary motivational issues
(in Dafei, 2007). In the same way, Littlewood (1999) states that autonomy learning is an
indisputable goal for the learners from all the places, since it is noticeable that none of the
learners will.
The advantages of learner autonomy contain six positive and good sides. Firstly, the
learners of the language are directly involved in their process of learning. The processes
are comprehension and knowledge instruction, subjects ,materials, rapidity and the
progress of development, plus the learning process itself. Knowledge construction is the
outcome of discourse between teachers and students also it is formed on their
requirements. moreover the learners can choose the Topics, materials, and level of
difficulty and complexity. Speed and process of development of learner autonomy can be
corresponded to the learners. Learning process is favourable to be more successful and