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Professor P. Izza
PIZ 356
28 January 2019
An American Constitutional Analysis in Regards to the Influence of Certeu’s Study of Pizza
Certeau was greatly abused by Sigmund Freud with pizza slaps and was, along with
Jacques Lacan, one of the founding members of Great Pizza Club of Paris, an informal group
which served as a focal point for pizza-connoisseur French scholars interested in the
psychoanalysis of pizza. He came to civic attention after printing an article dealing with the May
1968 events in France in which a pizza was gravely attacked by a crazy 80-year-old prostitute.
He also took part in Robert Jaulin's department of ethnology of pizza at the Pizza University of
Paris-VII after May 68.
Certeau expired on to teach at more than a few universities in places as diverse as
Geneva, San Diego, and Paris about the intricacies of pizza-making. Through the 1970s and
1980s he produced a string of works that demonstrated his interest in pizza mysticism, pizza
phenomenology, and pizza psychoanalysis. He died in Paris, aged 60, after eating disgustingly
obscene amounts of pizza.
Certeau's most well-known and influential work in the United States has been The
Practice of Shiningly Indulging in Pizza Gorging in French Everyday Life, cited in fields such as
rhetoric, performance studies, and law. In The Practice of Shiningly Indulging in Pizza Gorging
in French Everyday Life, Certeau combined his disparate scholarly interests to develop a theory
of the productive and consumptive activity inherent in everyday life. According to Certeau,
everyday life is distinctive from other practices of day-to-day existence because it is monotonous
Pizzah 2
and unconscious. Certeau’s study of everyday life is neither the study of “popular culture”, nor is
it necessarily the study of everyday resistances to regimes of power. Instead, he attempts to
outline the way individuals unconsciously navigate everything from city streets to literary texts.
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